Do I Try DLPA or Ltyrosine first?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Tawra, Jul 27, 2006.

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    I have horrible depression and pain. I have been on every med known to man. This last one is Cymbalta. Didn't help like I had hoped.

    I am going off it tonight and would like to get started on something else so I don't crash and burn. :) Don't worry I've been weaning myself off.

    I am going to try the "natural" way and see if that will work.

    After reading all the old messages I'm confused which I should try first.

    DLPA or L-Tyrosine.

    One book I read suggested DLPA and then another L-tryrosine (from the way up from down).

    If it makes a difference I am having horrible sugar cravings so if one helps with that better than the other I might go that way.

    I am going to try GABA too but I wanted to start with those first.

    Any suggestions?


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    You can't take both of them. I do. There's only one way to curb those sugar cravings, a change in diet. Go off of sugar or as close as you can for 1 month.

    It's the same as quitting smoking or any other addiction. Your going to have a hard time at first, but if you can stick it out for a month you'll be amazed how you won't crave sugar so much after that.

    Then as much as you can, eliminate processed sugar out of your diet permenently. There is a lot of sugar in natural food as there is. Most Fruit is high in sugar. As you eliminate sugar from your diet you'll find that your not as depressed and your pain intensity will come down.

    Get a good level of Omega 3's into your diet. Very important to your good mental health. Ground flax seed or
    meal, almonds, hemp seed, fish, ect are high in omega 3's, or get them in supplements.

    Changing one's diet isn't easy. It takes a while, but if your serious about wanting to change the way you feel, it's a must. Stormyskyes has many good posts on diet. You can put her username in the search and read her posts.

    I wish you well!


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