Do loved ones bid farewell from beyond grave?

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    This is an article I read on CNN that sort of blew my mind. I have been down sick and on Saturday I was sick and half asleep and half in a fog. I heard my Dad in a very young and strong voice tell me "you are really sick. You get better and I will call you another time."

    The odd part is that my Dad passed away the later part of July (I haven't been able to really deal with it to talk about it here) and his voice had been badly impacted. the voice I heard was Dad from my childhood of many, many years ago. Then I read the article below. Then it was time for a cup of tea.
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    My Mother died on July 11, nine years ago. She was 92 and it wasn't unexpected but I was devastated. One of our members here told me to visualize a white fluffy feather in the palm of my hand. I was to load all of my grief and sorrow onto the feather because it wouldn't hurt the feather and would take these things off of my shoulders. I was then to visualize blowing on the feather and just letting the wind take my pain away. It was such a great help to me.

    I started noticing feathers showing up in the crazyiest places. I told some people about it and they started getting feathers. Before I had a chance to tell my daughter and SIL in CO about it, my SIL went to a business dinner. There was a psychic there. After his stint, he came right over to my SIL and asked if he knew someone with the nickname my Mom always called me. He told the psychic that it is his MIL. The psychic asked him why he was seeing a big white feather. My SIL didn't know because I hadn't told him about it. He mentioned it to my daughter and she called me to relate it and ask if I knew why the psychic saw a feather. I hadn't told her yet either. I said, "Oh, my God!" After I told her why the psychic saw the feather, she and my SIL started getting feathers. My other daughter would find the tiniest white feathers in my grandson's hair when she got him up from sleep. He would often wave at someone in his room where there was no one. There is no way that psychic could have known about the feathers.

    I also often just stop and look at the clock at 7:11, morning and evening, the date of Mom's death. I figure these things are just her way of sending her love and letting me know she's around.

    These are only a couple of the things which have happened in our family to convince us that there is life after life here. I find it very compelling and comforting.

    Love, Mikie