Do Many of You Eat Take Out or Drivethru Foods ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by greatgran, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I know I shoudn't but I order take out or go through a drive thru for our dinner.

    This is not healthy, especially with my weight problem but I just don't feel up to shopping and cooking a lot of the time.

    Espically since I am keeping my greatgrans. Now when I feel up to it I cook but so many time I could cook but haven't shopped for food so we end up eating take out food.

    I have tried cooking extra on my good days but if food is prepared my hubby eats it till all gone, he loves to eat.

    Guess, I am just lazy but cooking is not one of my things on good days.

    God BLess,

  2. pasara

    pasara New Member

    Hi Greatgran,

    I have to admit that I don't eat fast food or take out. I'm a slow foods localvore gardener. About the opposite. HOWEVER, I do know that at least where i live there is a wide range of options as far as take out and fast food quality. Maybe you need to find some new healthier places.

    Many coops have delis. If there are not coops in your town, Whole Foods and similar chains around the country usually have very extensive take out areas. Even mainstream supermarkets often have deli sections with both hot and cold foods. Go to the higher quality markets though, not the cheapo places, which are more likely to use crappy ingredients. Choose roasted instead of fried, and avoid the mayo based foods, etc. Also, you may want to consider local sub shops that use higher quality meats and cheeses than places like Subway.

    Where I live there are many places that offer take out that use only quality ingredients, including a gourmet italian deli (gourmet but still cheap!), fresh salsa mexican grills and mediterranean food place with felafel and chicken skewers, vegetarian pitas, etc. This is not to mention the proliferation of soup and sandwich type places that use fresh and natural and even organic ingredients. You won't find the 99 cents meals, but there are still some that are not too pricey.

    Look around and maybe there are healthier options that still work with your convenience factor.
  3. texangal81

    texangal81 New Member

    Because if you are, then I must be and I finally convinced myself I'm not the lazy A$$ my ex so loved to call me.

    I quit cooking when I got divorced (9 years ago). I have never enjoyed it because I have a love/hate relationship with food. It hasn't effected my weight at all, I'm still fat. My food issues are in my head so it doesn't matter if I'm eating at home or at McDonald's *LOL*. I sure wish the weight was in my head, I could live with being a fathead ;p.

    I think when it comes to cooking/food you have to look at the least of all evils. While the 'lean cuisines' of the world aren't the most stellar of foods out there, they can be better than much of the fast food. You could always stock these for the nights when cooking just ain't gonna happen. It requires a tiny bit more effort than picking up the phone but it is easier than getting back in the car and driving to the golden arches.

    I'm a big proponent of casseroles and soups. Dump a ton of stuff in a big pot or casserole dish and cook. You can do this on the days when you feel like it and then freeze the extras so it makes eating a bit more difficult for hubby.

    And some of the fast food places are at least trying to offer selections that are more nutritious. I love to tell the story of my ex-Mil (who I still love and occasionally keep in touch with) who would never, ever buy fast food. She was having family in over the holidays and while she loved to fuss, she also loved to complain about fussing. So she was fussing about this chicken she was making and my ex-fil said "Just run down to KFC and get a bucket of chicken". As she takes an entire stick of butter and drops it in the skillet with which to brown the chicken she says "I do NOT want all that grease on my chicken" *LOL*......
  4. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Greatgran,,,,,you are not lazy!,,,,you can eat out and eat healthy!,,it's just a choice you make,,,it's also fun to be bad and have a big old cheese burger too sometimes!,,,,,,,or Pizza,,,or whatever you like!

    as much as i would like to eat out i'm in the habit of cooking for myself,,,,,lots of baked chicken and grilled fish,,etc ,,,also eat alot of raw veggies and fruit,,,,wholegrains,,,etc,,i guess it's my way of knowing exactly what i'm eating,,,,,

    on occasion,,,about once a month or so i'll run through KFC for a chicken snacker,,or through wendy's for a grilled chicken salad,,,,,,

    Pasara is right about there being alot of healthy choices out there ,,,,even at the fast food places,,,you can get baked potatoes and side salads at Wendy's and i now hear there are really healthy choices at Macdonalds,,,,,,,

    i love to go out for ice cream once in awhile!,,,,,,,spending money at the grocery store for healthy food has become a habit for me,,,i buy store brands though to save money,,,,,,,,,jmho!,,,,,,sis

    BILLCAMO New Member

    NOT lazy ! You have an illness that makes everything much tougher to do.

    To answer your question :

    I would if I could

    But I don't

    Since I can't.....

    Because I just don't have the funds.

    I by-passed the funds situation by going "Dumpster Diving".

    I can't do that any more since all the dumpsters have been locked and they have armed guards now......LOL

    Blessings ,

  6. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks to each of you for your good advice.

    I have used the frozen dinners, which my hubby hates but better than nothing. We are only 1/4 mile away from the fast food and take out places so its hard not to.

    I use coupons and go for specials . Guess bottom line I don't like cooking or shopping but know the foods prepared outside of the home aren't good for you.

    Anymore, what is ? Oh, I have fixed chicken, brocolli and baked pot. for dinner tonight.

    Thanks friends and God Bless.
  7. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    We used to go to Mac's every Thur. but haven't done that dfor a long time.

    just found out last Sat. that our Marathon has a deli and we can call our choice of what we want on our sub and go down and get it 10- min. later,

    we also have a wonderful pizzsa place. Not healthy but a big one lasts us 2-3 meals. That's laziness. Don't feel bad about frozen dinners. We use them a lot - get the brand that's on sale.

    Keep eating,, healthy if you can get it!

  8. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    I agree 100%. You are not lazy. You are a busy woman and trying to cope with a DD too. Don't hesitate to take the frozen food or Deli food, etc. path if needed.

    I do the best I can. Once in a while (not very often) I hit the drive thru at Burger King. But, mostly if I want fast food, I go to Subway. There I can get fairly healthy sandwiches.

    I use some frozen dinners without guilt. But, I don't rely on them. I also, keep my grocery store's Deli homemade soup in my freezer in pint containers for days when I just cannot cook.

    I microwave baked potatoes, both white potatoes and yams. Again, microwave isn't the healthiest-but it's what I need to do sometimes.

    In Summertime I keep Cottage Cheese and fruit on hand for lunches.

    I get hungry for baked meat and fish. I'm cooking tomorrow, a small roast with carrots and potatoes. I freeze leftovers for another dinner.

    Oh, and I keep salad greens on hand. Those that come all washed and bagged and ready to use.

    Maybe some of these tips can help you. By all means do not cook more often than you really want to. We need all the help we can get to save energy. And don't say you are lazy. That's just not true.

  9. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    I know that it is easier now and then and I really don't think that occasionally it's horrible to do.

    However, I have diverticular disease and whenever I eat something deep fried, I have a bout of "the runs" if you get the picture.

    I know there are other things that are available and probably just as easy and better for you. The supermarkets now have a wide variety of prepared foods that are quite good and quite good for you.

    Don't beat yourself up. You do so much for your family!


    BILLCAMO New Member

    On the serious side....

    I'm not a very good cook , but , I'm not bad at BBQing. It's much better than fast food! It's not that tough and even a "sickie" like me can do it.

    I'm not too bad at frozen pre-prepared dinners either.......

    (Well , I tried to stay serious....LOL....).

    Blessings ,

  11. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    Way too much salt; in '07 KFC was rated #1 in salt between Mc/KFC/PizHut.

    I cook/bake, its hobby and therapy.

    My splurge is an occasional rotisserie chicken.

    Colleagues come in w/Starbucks every day and around 1:pm...Whaddya want for lunch starts and place orders.

    We're talking a minimum $18 (tax, tips+food)X 5 days...being young, single and looking, doubtful anyone runs home to cook dinner.

    That's alotta money for alotta salt. Not good for 'grannies' or growing kids.

  12. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I don't hardly eat any take out or drive through. If you saw the movie Supersize Me by Michael Moore that is what happened to me.

    I buy a lot of frozen meals or my son taught when buying prepared deli or whatver food from the grocery store to judge the price according to what the entree would cost in a restaurant. That way I don't feel guilty. One grocery store near me has fresh mini pizzas 4/ $4.99 and I'll get 2 meals from it and it is cheaper and takes less time than frozen pizzas,

    I don't have the energy to make a proper meal also I live alone so that probably has something to do with it.

    Bottom line you gotta do what you gotta do.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    We don't drive thru at all but do get he fast food every once in awhile for lunch usually. No, you are not lazy. You just do what you have to but try as much as you can to make good food choices. Yes, but I also do cheat. I don't salt anything but love it am sure I probably still eat more of it that I should when we wat at places like that especially.

    Oh, I have done my share of cooking and do not feel guilty at all when I don.t I cooked for 8 people almost every day and at that time we really didn't have the money to be thrown away on fast foods. However, as I said before we did cheat now and then.

    Speaking of salt, even the nice restaurants cook with too much salt, they just do for some reason. That is the way they learned to cook and so they load up the dish with salt, especially the soups. Somehow I do not think they would take the salt out for you unless they have s special soup that doesn't have much salt (THAT IS SOMETHING I HAVEN'T SEEN ON A MENU). There may say it is healthy but lots of times it still has to much salt in it.

    Oh well, go figure and sometimes you can't do much about it unless you make everything from scratch yourself. That is the only way to do it, to eat healthy which I know for us especially is rather impossible unless you hire a cook for yourself (-: ! That sounds like a great idea. However, that idea goes along with the maid idea that I still haven't gotten - to cheap (me). However, one of these days I will get someone to help but keep putting it off.

    Lots of hugs.

  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    no, you aren't lazy - you hurt! That is why I don't cook. I LOVED to cook and miss it but I get dizzy trying to move around and cook.

    I keep the little fruit cu ps on hand for hubby and the cans for myself - makes a couple or more meals for me and he likes the little cups.

    I like to keep cottage cheese on hand and love it topped with a slice of pineapple! Keep a jar of generic (cheaper) cinnamon applesauce on hand in the frig. So refreshing with a meal. Do what you can and enjoy what you have!!!!!

    But do not think of yourselves as lazy! I used to hate to tell friends about frozen dinners, etc. and then I found out they used them and they are "well"!


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