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  1. Jordane

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    My Dr. suggested that I see a Naturopath.Might help me out some.
    She probably could? But she is expensive,and not covered under our plan.
    In any of your experiences with a NP.Was it worth the visit? Does it help???
    If you would'nt mind,I would appreciate your info.
    Thanks so much!
  2. mbofov

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    First, I'm very impressed that your doctor recommended you see a naturopath. Unfortunately, as you know, they're not covered by most insurance. But I do think they can help.

    I saw a naturopath last year, after several years of doing my own research, and after having been helped a lot by a chiropractor who does muscle testing and a few other "natural" health care practitioners. So I was already taking a lot of supplements on my own and the naturopath, after looking at my list, said I'd done my homework. She only suggested a few minor changes in what I was doing.

    However, if I was a novice and knew very little about diet and nutrition and supplementation, and the things that could be wrong with me (adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, for example), I think she would have been very helpful. She did run a saliva test to check cortisol and melatonin levels, and a few other things.

    Check out greatgran's posts -- she is seeing a homeopathic doctor who I think will help her a lot.

    It's also good to just educate yourself - the more you know, the better off you will be. A good book to start is Jacob Teitelbaum's "From Fatigued to Fantastic".

    Good luck -

  3. butterfly8

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    I have been trying various sorts of alternative treatments for cfs for a number of years. As part of this, I went back to the extremely competent and experienced naturopath who actually diagnosed me with cfs several years before I became so bad that I could no longer work.

    I went to him for over a year - and yes, they are expensive: at the end of that time he admitted that he had not been able to do too much to help me. I no longer go to him, but was grateful for his honesty and the many efforts he made to find something that would work.

    I think that they can often help relieve symptoms. However, the treatment is long term - in my experience, there is no such thing as one visit. I also personally believe that, if the patient is really sick, rather than just "under the weather", there is little they can really do except provide support.

    In spite of that pessimistic outlook, however, I am still searching for help in the area of alternative medicine, since mainline medicine has offered so little. I am currently have acupuncture and dried chinese herbs. This programme is also not cheap. But what else can we do, except try? I wish you well, and we all respond differently.

    The only way to find out is to go and try to make an objective evaluation based on cost v. benefit. Just try to leave out the desperate hope out of the equation.
  4. Jordane

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    Thankyou Butterfly8 and Mary.
    I will take this all into account.the should I or Should'nt I.Is it worth the money or not??
    Thankyou for your input!!
    Take Care!!