"Do Not Call List."

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gapsych, May 26, 2009.

  1. gapsych

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    I can't remember if I read this on the board or from someone else. It is the website for the "Do not call" list which is supposed to be updated. I have lost the paper where I had written the site.

    I just received another phone solicitation.

    I can't find the post if one exists about the number on search.

    I would appreciate if someone knows. I would appreciate it even more if you would pass this along to me or anyone else who needs this information.

    Thanks in advance.


    ETA I googled Do Not Call registry and found the website. I am a little slow on the uptake today. I am afraid to go back and look up the specific website as this might disappear into lala land.

    When you google, a lot of sites pop up, if that is any consolation. I clicked the first one.
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  2. Granniluvsu

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    Hi GAP,

    Someone just gave this to me the other day. I put my phone number on it and so hope it works. Go to this site :


    Hope this helps.


  3. gapsych

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    Thanks for the information. Great minds must think alike as this is the same website I used. The only problem I had was that I could not put two phone numbers in like it says. It just approved the first one listed and so had to go back and reenter the other phone number.

    Again thanks.

  4. Granniluvsu

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    I was wondering why it had spaces for 3 phone numbers but like uyou said Iwill have to go back and do the other two. Why do they have the three spaces for more numbers - dumb ! ?

    You are welcome !!


  5. Gingareeree

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    I've never found the :"No call list" to be a deterrent. We even have a message that plays whenever anyone dials our #. Stating that we are a party that doesn't accept solicitations. We still get calls,especially computer generated ones,I think that's how a lot of people get around the "do not call". It's very annoying and discouraging!!~~~Jeanne~~
  6. Pippi1313

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    I was getting so many scam calls, disguised as "legitimate" solicitations, on my cell phone, that it was driving me insane!
    I blocked the number every time, but they just called back from a different number. Sometimes, they'd call several times within an hour!
    I had over 30 of their numbers on my blocked-numbers list.
    And yes, both my land line & cell are on the do-not-call list.

    The calls only stopped when my state attorney general (& the AG's in several other states) filed charges against them. Apparently, many thousands of peeps were being harrassed by these scammers. And I DO mean harrassed!!!

    Unfortunately, even legitimate telemarketers ignore the no-call list.
    These scammers sure don't give a darn about what's illegal...

    Gingareeree, you're right. The list is not a deterrent.

    I assume, AG's are hesitant to do anything about this, unless a crapzillion peeps are complaining about it...

    And the real kicker is, my cell company said a law was passed stating that ALL of our cell numbers HAD to be made public, & telemarketers are allowed to have them. BUT the cell company "couldn't" give me any info about how to contact the scam callers! THEY had a right to privacy!!!
    (The numbers the scammers called from, didn't accept incoming calls!)

  7. jole

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    I rarely use the phone 'cause of energy issues, and getting up to answer the phone (thinking it's one of my kids) just to find another machine "talking" to me is about the most irritating thing there is.

    I thought once the elections were over it would slow down, but it seems as though everyone has gotten into the act now! Didn't think of calling the AG...thanks for the suggestion! If it says blocked call I don't even bother answering....however, I have missed a few calls from the doc office that way...and told them they really need to have their name show up. Why would they not? Their number is listed in the phone book....some things in life are too strange for me to figure out...even on a "good" day! lol ***Jole***
  8. Janalynn

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    There are hefty fines for companies who violate the Do Not Call regulations.

    What I do when I get a call (I can always tell cause they misprounce my name), I ask what company they're calling from (nicely), then I tell them that I am on the Do not Call list and to remove me immediately or I will report them. Or I tell them they're breaking the law.

    I also sometimes, right away say, is this a solicitation? Sometimes they hang up. But I get it in there quickly that I'll report them if they call again.

    I always know "out of area" on my phone - it's either my Dr.s office (which is down the street, certainly not out of area!, or my son's school...again not "out of area".)

    Now machines - get the company name is possible or the call back # - call them and tell them to remove you immediately! Report them if need be. I believe there's a number on the donotcall site.
    Many companies have had to pay hefty fines for disregarding people's desire not to be called.

    I get so sick of the calls too! I love the ones that start off my saying "I'm not selling anything"...yeah right.

    My repeat ones lately, are "we have an important message about your credit card, there is nothing wrong, but please call......." I know that my own cc company calls me directly if there is a question/concern.
    Now..to get my husband to hang up quickly is another story. LOL
  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Before they had the do not call list, when a telemarketer called, my mom came up with a fun trick.
    Since asking them to not call didn't work, she'd hold out the phone & ask us "Who wants this one?"
    One of us would take the phone & talk the guy's ear off, never letting him get all the way through his sales pitch. Finally he/she would hang up on US!
    That was TOO funny! There are 6 kids in my family, & we enjoyed that game.

    Before you gasp, don't worry. Mom was standing nearby doing chores, or whatever, & listened to the entire conversation. Usually, we were cracking her up hysterically, cuz we got pretty silly acting like we were interested in what the guy was selling, or else droning on & on about which cartoons we liked, etc - & asking HIM lotsa silly questions.

    After awhile, we didn't get many calls... Gee. I wonder why... LOL