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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by erinwilburn, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. erinwilburn

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    I could use some ideas! I need to put a sign on my door, neighbors, friends, church members and even family are getting offended because I don't answer the door or leave the house.

    Lately I seem to have a cycle of staying up for 24 hours of hell and then passing out from exhustion. So at 2 in the afternoon when someone comes to the door I don't hear them. I have a dog but he is so good that he dosen't even bark anymore. My hubby knows that the only way to talk to me during the day is by calling my cell, but that brings up my problem with the phone. I only answer for him.

    I need to change my phone mesage too. No matter how I try to explain my family has it in their heads that if they just keep calling over and over again that I will pick up. Realy the more they call the more I decide not to pick up.

    So any ideas about a tactful way to tell people with a note on the door and a message to leave me alone?

  2. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    I'm not sure either of these suggestions will do any good BUT I would put a "message" on my voicemail so that when it answers it says "Although I would love to talk with you right now unfortunately I am not feeling well so I am resting. If you would like to leave a message I will call you back when I am feeling well enough to talk". On your front door I would post something similar like" Please do not knock or ring the bell. I am currently too ill to have visitors. If you would like to call me later to see if I'm up for visitors I would love to hear from you". Hopefully it will work but as you know so many people just "don't get it". I wish you luck!!

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