Do not know what to do!! HELP?!

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    Hi, everyone!

    It has literally been years since I've been to this site. Everything is crashing in around me!

    I,m still in SEVERE PAIN and the doctors can STILL do nothing for me!!
    This rectal and vaginal spasms and pain is driving me crazy! There is not a day that I do not have pain! I have 24/7 pain and it is just getting to much!!

    I still live with my parents, it's 4 years now, and I still can not study and I'm 24!!! What is going to happen to me? I so desprately want to study, stand on my own two feet etc.

    I cannot go on like this! I'm so frustrated!!!

    My dream is to study medicine, but I know that it is not going to realize.

    I feel like a loser, a bum still living with her 60 year old parents, sponging of off them!! All their money that they saved for their old day went into my medical expenses!!!

    If I can't provide for myself, how am I going to take care of my parents? I owe it to them to look after them when their old, I can't expect my sister to do it alone!

    I just don't know anymore. How am I going to survive life?

    Please pray for me?


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    i remember you welcome back but i wish you werent here. i feel so bad for you i cant imagine the pain your experiencing.

    my pain is bad but im 60 you dont deserve this. have you tried emt emotional freedom technique. look it uo there is demos on youtube to deal with pain

    i wish i could go poof and all our pain would be gone.

    dont give up love gail