Do not know what to do!! HELP?!

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  1. Fibrotears

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    Hi, everyone!

    It has literally been years since I've been to this site. Everything is crashing in around me!

    I,m still in SEVERE PAIN and the doctors can STILL do nothing for me!!
    This rectal and vaginal spasms and pain is driving me crazy! There is not a day that I do not have pain! I have 24/7 pain and it is just getting to much!!

    I still live with my parents, it's 4 years now, and I still can not study and I'm 24!!! What is going to happen to me? I so desprately want to study, stand on my own two feet etc.

    I cannot go on like this! I'm so frustrated!!!

    My dream is to study medicine, but I know that it is not going to realize.

    I feel like a loser, a bum still living with her 60 year old parents, sponging of off them!! All their money that they saved for their old day went into my medical expenses!!!

    If I can't provide for myself, how am I going to take care of my parents? I owe it to them to look after them when their old, I can't expect my sister to do it alone!

    I just don't know anymore. How am I going to survive life?

    Please pray for me?

  2. PVLady

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    It appears somehow your message was posted nine times. You might want to delete 8 so you can get responses on one only.

    One suggestion is to try and get state aid for your medical benefits so you will not have to have your parents pay. It can become disastrous.

    Has your condition been diagnosed?
  3. meditationlotus

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    if you haven't already. I have heard good things about ALLSUP as a disability lawyer/advocate. Also public housing if you want more independence. Don't know if your condition will improve enough for you to study medicine, but don't give up prayer and hope. Colleges have to provide accomodations to disabled students, so that is an option, as well as possibly a different major that is not so demanding. Or maybe getting a degree online.

    Also, for the spasms, are you taking vitamin and mineral supplements? Really strong ones? Sometimes low calcium, maganesium, and potassium, as well as low B vitamins can cause spasms and pain. Also, not enough vitamin E or iron. Sometimes, people don't absorb nutrients from their food well. Just a thought.


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  4. Ovrwhelmd

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    this is something I had a very Mild case of...shook me up !!

    I was at my Chiros on day...he was workin on me...he then said my Pelvis was out of Whack...What ?? your not adjusting me there !! but in trueth I was having issues...could not even enjoy Sex, my dr.s could find no reasons...sigh...what a I carefully asked him...what does realigning my Pelvis Entail ? I would not even Look him in the face...he actually laughed...says No Worries...not gonna Touch ya "There" he put me on my belly...and pushed down Hard on my tail Bone...I felt this Pop...I felt it slide back into Place...hurt for the next day or so...and then a Miracle...the Sapsms Stopped...!! He Told me when Anything is Out of Pisses Off the surrounding tissue...causeing all kinds of Symptoms...we Do have Muscles in our Nether That made sense to Me !! SEX !! YeaY !! I Can have Sex again !! I can go potty with No issues !! YeaY !! I can Walk with no groin Pain...YeaY !! and all because of a little Push...

    have you Seen a Chiro for Any Issues ?? I am Lucky to have a Good one !!

    Now I am not saying this IS Your Issue...but it Could be...there is a Condition that causes spasms...vul... something...Crap, cannot remember anymore...

    Another thing...Ummm...Just because you are are Not a Loser...for pete sakes...what did you do, go out and Buy this Issue ?? Do You Feel Everyone that has Health Issues are Losers ?? No ?? then why Put YOURSELF into that catagory ??

    You are Going to Survive...of That I can Assure Long as You Grab your Life by the Horns and say "Lets Get After It" !!

    There IS help out there...may not be a Cure...but Enuff help to get you back Among the Living...

    I am Med Free...I do Massage Therapy, see My Chiro once a month...I do Pool Therapy...every other day...I Let go all the bad Negative stuff...including a few Toxic People...and Worked on "Me"...

    I Still have my Flares...I Still have to stay Home sometimes...but when I feel Good I feel Really Good...and my Flares do not hit as Often, or last as Long as they Used to !!

    I Hope you find the right Combonation to Help you get back into your Life again !!

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