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    I just did it again. I went to put my glasses on my face and I poked myself in the eye! Because of my cfs induced cognitive dysfunction and lack of coordination resulting from the lack of exercise - again blamed on cfs - I keep stabbing myself in the eye with the thing that's meant to rest above my ear.

    In fact, I do this so often, I've developed an unconscious habit: I close my left eye now when I go to put my glasses on.

    What really gets me is that almost every product besides food has a warning label on it. And almost every warning label includes this: "Do Not Put In Eyes". Even for toothpaste! Toilet bowl cleaner may splash up, okay, I can see that one happening, maybe. But who wants to get that close to the toilet bowl?

    But . . . why is it that the only thing I keep putting in my eye repeatedly, that is not supposed to go there and could actually cause serious injury, DOES NOT HAVE A WARNING LABEL ON IT SAYING DO NOT PUT IN EYE!!!

    I know it wouldn't matter, I'd probably still jab myself, but at least it would be an actual WARNING LABEL THAT MADE SENSE!!!

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    Ha! I've done the egg one too! Funny, but very annoying.
    I've also reversed direction when peeling things.
    Suddenly i'll be putting the peelings in with the good stuff, and throwing the good stuff in the garbage pile!!

    Karen, sorry about that eye thing!! LOL. I've tried to take off my glasses at bedtime, when i've already removed them when i washed my face. That's a freaky one.
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    People are always blaming lawyers for rediculous law suits. Seems to me it's the juries who are ridiculous. But of course there are no qualifications to be on a jury other than "able to breathe".

    There's a print shop nearby. I talked to the print guy. For only $299.98 they will make you 500 gummed stickers that say "Do not put in Eye!" Let me know if you are interested.

    Yesterday I did what people talk about, but I have never done before. Walked into the next room to get a pill, but when I got there couldn't remember the purpose of the journey.

    But I've done the "can't manage two things at once" thing. I decide to do this w/ the whatever and that with the other. Then I do the opposite. (Can't think how to spell "opposite." Can't look it up either as I'd lose the post.)

    Well, we must all struggle on as best we can.

    Molly and MSS, did you eventually get the egg in the right place?

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    Me in Everyone! i have done all of the above! All i can say is thank goodness for a Dustbuster!,,,,,,,Can relate mostly to Molly and Mss!,,,,,Kitchen Mishaps!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Karen this sort of reminds me of the Christmas Movie where the little kid keeps asking for a BB gun and his Mom says "No Ralphie You will shoot your eye out",,,,,,,,Lolol! ,,,,,,Sis
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    You didn't, and I didn't. I was giving my own view on the cause of the current sue-happy culture.

    Remember a decade or so back? A jury awarded 7 million dollars to a gal for sexual harassment. She had worked for the boss in question for two weeks.

    What did he do? After an office lunch w/ people standing around in the parking lot he asked if anyone wanted a mint. She said yes and he dropped one in her blouse pocket.

    Here's a real poke in the eye case that happened several decades ago. This was back when cars had triangular vent windows in the corner. A fellow tried to peer into a car and poked his eye on the window.

    He sued for defective and dangerous design of a product. The court dismissed the case. Today he'd probably collect if they still had that sort of window.

    The other side of the coin is juries don't want to hold defendants responsible for their crimes.

    The jury system is better than a dictator, but it's still highly flawed.

    Lex non minimus di curat

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    In those circumstances, men shouldn't wear heels.