Do Not Resuscitate

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    For some, there reaches a point where they are at advanced stages of medical ailments and do not wish to be resuscitated should their heart stop. If you or a loved one have reached this point, you might want to check with your State Attorney General's office (and sometimes, but not often enough, your own doctor) to get the ABSOLUTE CORRECT PROCEDURE FOR YOUR STATE. Some states can be picky about designating a DNR.

    Our county requires that a Do Not Resuscitate form be on bright orange paper, signed by the patient and the patient's doctor (multiple originals have to be prepared) and then as a precaution distribute it right away to your doctor, the hospital you are associated with, and if your area has a system to notify medical providers of living wills, DNRs, etc. also notify them (so another hospital could find out quickly). Don't forget to place an original on your refrigerator for paramedics. Also another suggestion would be to wear a "Do Not Resuscitate" bracelet.