Do NOT Retire if Sick: GET SSDI

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  1. findmind

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    Did you know this?

    SSDI is sort of a "replacement" income.

    If you work in a low to average income job, especially, and you become sick near the time you could actually retire IF you wanted to (say, for instance, you've worked 30 years someplace, but you're only 54), but you are sick, and maybe just hanging on by your fingernails, you have a case for DISABILITY, instead of retirement.

    If this "fits" you, I suggest you do several things.

    l. Make sure you call Soc. Sec. and ask for a report to be sent to you of your projected retirement earnings if you retire now. (This assumes you don't have a private retirement plan and you haven't worked under Soc. Sec. at all).

    This report will also tell you what you would earn if you had to be on disability. I think SSDI would be. If so:

    2. Especially if you're missing work due to illness and don't know if you can go on, start getting it documented both at work and at ALL your doctors. Have supervisors make notes in your file as to what problems you're having, and ask for their support to help you KEEP working; i.e., be flexible. (This probably will be short-lived on their part, LOL) That's ok.

    3. Work until you drop or get fired.

    4. Get all your work records in order: days you missed, why, drs. visits you made those days, etc.

    5. Get job description. Start now listing why you were unable to do any parts of it (EX: I was in so much pain during section admin meetings that I could not concentrate or follow the conversations.)

    6. At 6 months off work, file for disability, with drs. constant monitoring and documentation of your illness accumulating all this time.

    7. Get copies of all work-related problems with bosses, human resources, etc, and every single medical visit since you FIRST began feeling sick.
    Make 1 set of MASTER copies, everyone will lose things you send them!

    8. Browse the website and see all they have to say about disability, to be well informed.

    Good luck (and good nap!)
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    I have been off work since last year, with depression, anxiety disorders and recently we think I have FMS along with IBS- I was on short term disab. through my work- I cannot do this type of work anymore after 20 years- I applied for LTD through work and denied twice- everyone has said to apply for SSD - I am 50 years old and know I cannot hold even a part time job at this time - I have been excepted for college - and working with VESID which helps people with disab. I want to be medical billing assistant or transcript- but I don't know how many hours I could do this for.

    Anyways, I contacted some people, I am going to apply for SSD.

  3. NyroFan

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    I worked til I dropped. And you know...SSD was paid from the date of my dropping out- not from the time I applied.
    Nice back payment.

  4. findmind

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    jet: Get more diagnoses!!!! They add up and are very important to be documented, along with meds rx'd and your reactions to those meds (whether help or not, and continuing problems)

    Chessie 656: You're welcome and be sure troubles are "noticed " by others at work (witness statements can help you, if needed), don't go to work if you are sick, in terrible pain, etc. You sorta can't all of a sudden "drop", that's not usually the way it happens, but one pushes until thay no longer can.

    Hey, Nyrofan, good for you!!! Of course, we all know by your posts how smart you are, and I bet you had all YOUR ducks in a row when you applied!

    Luv ya all,
  5. findmind

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    More people asking questions this thread helps with answers from lots of people...



  6. JLH

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    I began work age 18 and worked for the same corporation until I dropped, which was 30 years later.

    I was only 48 at the time and did not have enough "points" (age + service years) to meet their formula to take actual retirement.

    I went out on sick leave for a few weeks as ordered by my doctor, then when I was not able to return to work, asked the doc for more time off, which threw me into our company's "STD" (short-term disability) which I stayed on for 4 months.

    I then was drawing near to the end of the STD allowed time and had to make a decision on whether to apply for the company's LTD (long-term disability) plan or what. I was encouraged by all of management to file for LTD; however, a coworker of mine who was awaiting his LTD determination due to his second major heart attack, told me of the hassle that the LTD people put him through. I was thinking that this was not going to be a good option.

    Then, YIPEE!!!, the best company announcement was made!!! They needed to undergo a massive "Reduction In Force" and Voluntary Layoff effort to downsize the corporation immediately. If you volunteered for an early retirement, or a layoff, you also received a monetary settlement.

    This was my saving grace! Anyone who had 30 years of service (like me!!!!) was eligible to retire, regardless of their age! They would "give" me enough "points" to come up to the retirement formula!! This is just what I needed!!

    The only bad thing was .... due to them giving me points to retire, my status would be "early retirement" which meant that I would have to take a 25% reduction in my pension pay. I did not care, I just had to get out of there before I had a heart attack!

    I completed all of the retirement papers and was officially retired in July, 1999.

    I did not have to get all of my ducks in a row as far as doctors for SSDI, because I had been so ill for the past 10 years, that I went to every specialist known to mankind every 3 months! I had been hospitalized for my heart condition about twice a year for the last five years that I worked!

    After I was off work for one year, I applied for SSDI. When I applied, I indicated that I was first unable to work on the date that my doctor approved me to be on company sick leave.

    Well, the SSA did not buy that and did not grant me any backpay whatsoever, even though I had not technically worked for 1-1/2 years, but I was awarded SSDI on my FIRST attempt and the favorable decision only took 4 months to make. I did not consult a lawyer either!!

    I would have loved to have received a large backpay check; especially since I had been treated by so many doctors for so long and was actually off work for 6 months before my retirement date--I actually just drove back into work to sign my retirement papers! But, who cares now! The main thing is that I was granted SSDI and also receive my little bitty pension check!!!


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