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    My last post, someone mentioned she had ulna nerve problems.
    Please do not wait if you were told you need surgery. I had my surgery yesterday and the orthopeadic surgeon said that he did not expect my nerve to be as bad as it was. What was suppose to be a 2 - 3 inch incision became a 8-10 inch incision. This surgery should have been done in December. Due to reasons I had no control of I am too late to save my pinky and ring finger. They will remain numb but will not club now. The surgeon said that is all he could do is prevent any further damage.

    Now, here is the reason I did not have surgery in December. After a couple of trips to ER complaing of back pain and numbness and tingling in my left hand and burning also of left arm. I was referred to a surgeon. He ordered MRI's and then an EMG and nerve conduction test for my back and left arm. The doctor who did this test was my x-neuro doctor. He told me he could not discuss this test with me because it was ordered by another doctor. That EMG test hurt me so badly I cried and beat on the wall a couple of times. When I was given the results of this test by a phone call. The person calling was the receptionist of the surgeon. She said that my bulging disk in my back does not need surgery and all else is OK. Meanwhile, things just continue to get worst.

    My new GP has been following up on all test and doctors I am seeing. We were going through my chart together one day and reviewing the different test I have had. She asked if I thought she was missing any reports. I really am not sure but one test I will never forget is the EMG and she did not have a copy of that one. When she got the fax she called me to ask who was going to take care of my nerve lesion. She insisted that it needed to be done. I told her I did not even know that I had a nerve lesion. Why wasn't I told?

    So now I go to see this orthopeadic surgeon and he said he don't know why I was not told because these do not heal on their own. This surgeon told me he had to call the Neuro doctor who did the test because in his report he noted my left arm as normal but then made comments at bottom of the page that I had a left ulna nerve lesion at the elbow. The Neuro doctor told him that I did have a ulna nerve lesion. So now finally surgery which should have been done in December is done in August.

    Yesterday I was very nervous. They had to stick me three times to get a vein for IV. My veins keep jumping 2 inches high. The head nurse has Fibromyalgia, she was very caring and thoughtful. My surgery went well but not as well as I hoped for. I will have these numb fingers forever, but they will not turn into club fingers. I guess I should be thankful to my GP for sending me to the Orthopeadic Surgeon. I still don't understand why I was never told about the lesion. I am sorry for the long post but just felt like I had to tell the whole story. I am in pain, but will get stitches out in 10 days and hopefully out of this cast. I am so tired of hurting. Thanks for reading my long post. Take care.


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    I went to my other post about my surgery and found that is was Dara who has ulna nerve entrapment. Just want to make sure she see this post too. Thanks, take care.
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    We have to be ultravigilant in following up and making sure our docs are communicating with one another. It's a sad state of affairs, but, unfortunately, it's reality. On the other hand, when we do this, it empowers us when working with our docs.

    This advice is very, very good, because it seems that our illnesses damage our ligaments, tendons, and nerves. When I had to have my bicep tendon reattached after it had snapped, the doc said the tendon was in very, very poor condition and that's probably why it snapped.

    This is another reason we need to work out to maintain strength. Strong muscles protect other areas in our bodies from damage, including our joints. I think we should just assume that our nerves, tendons, and ligaments are weak and be sure we follow up on any problems we may have with them.

    I'm sorry there will still be numbness in two fingers, but I am glad the surgery went well. Praying for your quick recovery. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Love, Mikie

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    I think I will do as you do from now on. Any more testing on me , I want a copy of results! That is awful what happened to you too. I can only imagine how you felt hearing about a cyst on your son's brain. I will be sure to tell my daughter this one and make sure she gets all results in her hands too. I have enough of a hard time dealing with this DD without these D doctors giving me more greef. Thanks again and take care.
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    I am so sorry to hear the numbness in your 2 fingers is expected to be permanent...

    Let's hope the docs are wrong...

    Best wishes for your recovery.


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    I will move this back to page 1 for the last time in hopes of Dara reading it.Take care.
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    Thanks for posting the information. I guess I'd better follow through with all of this. Did yours ever get really bad and then for no reason at all get better for awhile? The reason I ask is that every morning I used to wake up with my pinkie & ring finger asleep and yet hurting. This would last for several hours and then go away for awhile. But, the worse part for me has been the pain on the inside of the elbow area. I had the nerve conduction test done, then later my PCP sent me to a neurosurgeon. The neurosurgeon said I wasn't a good candidate for the surger for the carpul tunnel or the ulnar nerve entrapment. I guess it's time for me to do some more investigating and find out why he came up with this conclusion.

    I'm happy for you that the surgery is now behind you. Surgery is always scary, I'll do anything to avoid it. I know it's not good news that your fingers will remain numb, but thankfully it's not any worse either.

    Thanks for replying.
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    I am so glad that your surgery is behind you now. I would not give up on the fingers..nature has a way of surprising even doctors!

    I know how upsetting it is to find out that docs say, write and do these things without letting us in on it.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery girl...Sherry