Do others have all these stomach promblems?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ranger, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. ranger

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    I have FM and a neverending case of IBS. So I run to the bathroom about 5 times every morning. In addition to that, I get gas in my belly on and off, one day different than the next. I hate that. I've been tested and they say it is normal. My liver and kidneys are fine. I am taking Tylenol 3 and Soma for pain. I take Trazodone for sleep and in the morning I am on 40-50mg of Paxil (which was prescribed by the doc to help the IBS/nervous stomach. Almost everytime I eat more than a couple bites, I get a hard pain in my stomach that will last about 1/2 an hour. The FM keeps me limited enough, but the stomach stuff is so painful and annoying and another big reason I prefer to stay home. Stupid stomach. It's not fair.
    Ranger, (a woman)
    P.S. I already had my galbladder out 16 years ago.
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    I hear you on the stomach issues. It seems like no matter what I eat I get gas. It seems like my gas and bowel issues run my life...should i have coffee this morning? it might give me diarrhea, and i have a meeting today, so maybe i shouldn't...or I can't wear those jeans, i'm so bloated they won't fit. I just hate it! I can never tell when something is going to bother me. Sometimes beans do, sometimes they don't. I have found that taking papaya (enzymes in tablet form) help a bit with the digestion of beans and gassy veggies. But i too have found myself not going out for fear of having to go to the bathroom a bunch of times. You're right, it's very unfair!!!
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    Have you had a stomach emptying test? The pain after eating doesn't sound good. Do you get full fast, nautia also? I have gastroparesis which is paralasis of the stomach. It means that a normal persons stomach emptys at very minimum 50% in 2 hours. Mine only empty 26%. Causes a lot of problems. I also have gastritus of the stomach lining (irratation and inflamation of the stomach lining) and colitus of the intestins (irritation and inflamation of the intestins) in addition to IBS. You need to have tests run by a stomach specialist to find out. Could be something as simple as bacteria and as seriouse as what I have. Go to a specialist and get checked out. And remember that no matter what, we have been given the strength to get trough it . Just lean on God ok? Huge hugs for you and keep us posted on what the test results are ok? Melody
    Oh yeah, don't freak about the gastroparesis. I have yet to meat another person on this site that has it so I don't think it is very common.:)
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    Both of you do understand. I will ask about that test. I just don't know how to curb all that junk, while trying to keep pain away with meds. Are the meds making me worse? If only I could no longer live as a slave to my GI tract as well. Pain and tummy govern my life. Thank you both for your support. Hope to hear from others too.
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    I am new to these boards but had to reply to you. I was only diagnosed about 6 months ago but next to all the body pain, IBS is the worst. When I finally went to the specialist for my stomach I felt like I was about 5 months pregant all the time. He put me on a new drug called zelnorm 6mg. It took almost 4 weeks to work but all the bloating went down and I feel so much better. I still have the GAS. I am still trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. So far no dairy and slad, fresh vegs. I also am on 40 mg of paxil and take Trazadone 100mg to sleep. Trazadone was my miracle drug. All I need now is something for pain that I am still coherent.
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    Hi Ranger,

    Just to let you know.

    I had my gallbladder out a year ago this month. I had Huge gallstones and a bad case of Gang green. I was told by a few different people that you can get "Gallstones" after your gallbladder is removed. They will form in your ducts. I am suppose to get an ultrasound every few years to check because I never has bad blood tests the whole time I was sick with my gallbladder.

    just thought you should now and anyone who has had that surgery.

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    This may not be the reason but may contribute. Food allergies. When I was diagnosed by allergy doc, I was given a list to triggers to avoid. Had I not had the list, I would still have eaten foods that were giving me trouble because it was not just the foods but the processing. When I eliminated everything, (this was not easy because the list was extensive) my diarrhea - loose bowels improved dramatically. Also the fibrofog improved and the feelings that I was running a temperature all the time (when in fact, my temp does not get above 97) improved. Good luck, hope you are better. Fondly, June
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    Im new to the board. I have I.B.S. and go to the bathroom before i finish eating. I try to not go out to eat very often. I was in the hospital a few months ago. I looked like i was 7 mo. p. g. Doctors tested me for chrones, but stated test were neg. I took the stomach emptying test to find out that my food sets for i don't know how long. The medicine Reglin makes me nervous. I have Fibro too. Donnatol P.G...Paragoric works great for pain and slows things down. Best wishes, Sheila Orionshines94
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    Hi Ranger. Just checking up on you. Called the docs yet? Hugs, Melody
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    From what I can tell, these stomach problems are very typical with people with FMS and CFIDS, both of which I have.
    I have terrible stomach problems. Mine are the opposite......constipation. I am scheduled to have the gastric emptying test and two and bottom. But lately I can hardly eat, and my stomach hurts all the time.
    I have been taking aloe juice twice a day which helps the inflamed feeling. Have also been juicing. It gives me some nutrition that my body can absorbe apparently. Get a book by Walker about juicing. The best juice for digestion is carrott......10 oz. and spinach...6 oz.
    Good luck in trying to figure this out and settleing down the gut.