Do others have this issue now and again

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  1. massmike

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    Hi all,

    I am a Fibro and Cfids sufferer and had been feeling "ok" lately. Over the last couple days I was having numbness in the back of my head, and sometimes it would move to the top of my head. While this was going on I was seeing some flashing lights off to the side of my visual field. I also am having trouble typing, finding words, balance problems, and terrible mood swings. I do not dare bring this up in a doctors office because the one and only brain MRI I had it was "normal".And I am tired of being poo pooed. I was able to get a diagnosis from my doctor but she pretty much said you just have to accept this. So running to her everytime something happens isnt something I do anymore.

    Does anyone have experience with these type of symptoms and is it something I should just ride out??

  2. monicacat

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    Flashing lights could also be the aura that people sometimes experience with a migraine.

    Also what is your environment like, you could be reacting to it. Have you done any remoldeling(painting, new carpet), new furniture, new electrical appliances (tv, computer). Do you use an exterminator?

    Try unscented cleaning and grooming products, I purchase mine at Wild Oats for Whole foods. Don't use fabric softener or artificial sweetners. Try eating natural and organic.

    Good luck,

    p.s. Tell your doctor.

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  3. massmike

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    Thanks for responding. What do you guys think of the numbness in my head though?????

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    Sorry, I don't know about the numbness, except that people with FM/CFS often feel numbness in various places.

    I was sent to an ophthalmologist for my vision disturbances and was told they are "visual migraines". Migraines are common with us also, but people usually think of severe headache. That is not always the case. Still, you should go to one yourself and get your own diagnosis.

  5. klutzo

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    I agree about checking your eyes since any new symptoms should be checked out. Also agree that sounds like migraine aura.
    I have had these symptoms, including numbness in my head, usually on top, for the entire 18 yrs. I've had fibro and I am still here, so it is probably not anything bad, BUT, always check out something new.
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    I got a kick out of that one Mike. I did learn something about these headaches too. I have experenced some of these symptoms for about a week now. Best wishes, Sheila Topeka Ks.
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    Do you mean that if you touch your head it feels numb like there is no feeling ????? If so then I know what you mean because on the top of my heaand going towards the right side it felt weird and I started touching and scratching felt numb like someone had injected lignocaine under the skin. Is this what you get ?