Do others with CFS and FM suffer from bipolar disorder?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by planetfibro, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. planetfibro

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    Hi, I am new to this board, I have suffered with CFS, FM, and bipolar disorder for several years. I am wondering if there are others who also have CFS and or FM and bipolar. Is there some link between these illnesses? I am having a hard time finding medication that helps - I keep being put on anti seizure drugs but they have awful side effects like rashes and hair falling out- what do others use for this? I am very frustrated with all meds at this point but get horribly sick when trying to go without. I have been on depakote, lithium, lamictal, and right now trileptal which seems to be causing a rash- any input would be greatly valued my doctor just seems to be using me as a guine pig.
  2. artseyone

    artseyone New Member

    I was once told I had Cyclothymia which is a mild form of bipolar..My swings were more subtle...Now, I've had 2 psychiatrists say the same thing so it must be true,,
    I'm on Lamictal and Effexor and now feel too stable..
  3. PVLady

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    Well, I recently had a doctor suggest Bipolar but if I do it is mild. (I actually did not like the doctor and am not going back).

    I take as few meds as possible. I have a friend on Lamictal and is having a hard time adjusting. She is depressed and Bipolar.
  4. lisaermd

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    I too developed bipolar II a few months after being diagnosed with FM. I was tried on Trileptal which gave me the worst headaches and made me dizzy, and Lithium which did nothing even at the highest max dosage. Then my dr. tried Topamax - an anti-seizure drug. At 250 mg a day it controls the hypomania and I take it with Prozac to control the depression. It does make some of my hair fall out but it is not noticeable. A nice side effect is it decreases your appetite so you lose weight. It does make some people more confused. I hope they find something for you.
  5. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    I was recently diagnosed as bi-polar. I have been treated for depression for years. Turns out I have "mixed" bi-polar. That means that i can be both depressed and manic at the same time.

    I get depressed, then want to go shopping. Shopping makes me manic, so I am depressed and manic at the same time. When that happens, I can spend an incredible amount of money in an incredible short period of time. I can now try to control that, but hubby still gets pale at some of the receipts. LOL

    I also have CFS/FM.

    It's amazing how much we all have in common sometimes. And there is so much of it!

    God Bless.

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