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  1. tedebear

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    Amazing how much it helps.
    I started a project which took me over 6 months to complete. Any "normal healthy" individual would have probably finished it in a week (so says my husband). But my persistence paid off.
    I always wanted a bedroom (hadn't been painted or redone for 21 years) that looked like I was vacationing on an island somewhere. Knew I would never be able to be there in person so I created my bedroom to look like I was on one long holiday.
    I painted the walls sea blue. Bordered in lawn chairs overlooking the ocean. Put up vertical blinds. Bought some artificial palm trees. Put a full around the bed mosquito netting. Sand carpeting and knick knacks and picture frames of seashells, fish, turtles and just about 12 ocean candles and an ocean sound machine.
    When I need a lift ANYTIME of the day or night, I retreat to my holiday room. I sleep there everynight. Despite the fact that it takes me about 1-2 hours to calm the body done to sleep, I still find it to be my favorite thing.
    Anyone else do anything similar. Try it. You might like doing something you have always wished for.
    Extra gentle teddy hugs today and always.
  2. suz41

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    Sounds like a lovely place to go and retreat. Relaxing too. I agree that having a goal or projects is important. Your project sounds inspiring. Tahnks for sharing and gentle hugs back to you

  3. tedebear

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    Thanks for the responses guys.
    You have given me inspiration to do the grandkids room, which by the way I have wanted to do now for 11 years since that is the oldest grandson's age. That room is a storage room, which the grandkids keep asking when they could come spend the evening in their special place.
    Thanks. They are fisher boys so they would really like that. Great suggestion.
    Soft teddy hugs everyone.
  4. Mikie

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    Staying positive. I have always tried to make my entire home a place of tranquility and peace, a haven from the outside world. Of course, living where I do, the outside world ain't bad.

    Good for you for creating your own tranquil and healing area. BTW, I meditate to a CD with ocean sounds. It's very tranquil right up to the screeching gull and the fog horn. Now that I know those are there, they don't rattle me :)

    Love, Mikie
  5. Chelz

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    Tedebear, How imaginative!!!! I wish I could do something like that, but right now I don't have the finances, so whenever I want to retreat to oceans and palm trees, I'll think of your room, LOL. Good job and enjoy. Hugs, Chelz.
  6. Takesha

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    I too am getting ready to do our bedroom...I will be using peacock colors (blues, greens, bronze and a little purple).
    I will be making the cover blanket and the curtians etc. I am looking forward to doing in...very slowly.
  7. jadibeler

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    I get all excited about doing projects, whether it's decorating in the house or doing something with the garden or exterior. Unfortunately, I don't get all of them done. Since I have my own room now, tiny as it is, I hung it with Victoria style curtains and decorated the walls with antique photographs, many from my own family. They are all in the yellowed cardboard photo studio frames, hung with ribbons on the wall.

    I've had lots of really lavish things in mind but finances are always a problem.

  8. tedebear

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    Finances are always a problem. I know I take 18 pills daily that is less antibiotics when they add those. So needless to say my money goes to pharmacies.
    You would be amazed at how many things you may have around the house that would complete a room. Things may be somewhat scattered in the garage, storage, etc...
    If you pull your resources you may find you can re-do a room with almost all of what you already have.
    Then spread your monies out over time and each time you get a little monies add to the room. Maybe one item a month until complete. Don't let money stop you. Remember,
    someone else's trash may be your treasure.
    Soft teddy hugs.
    And anymore ideas for rooms out there I would love to hear from you.