Do the people deciding disability know ANYTHING? !!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by canap, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. canap

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    Hello all I don't post very often but had to put this one on.
    Quote from CPP disability the reason for denying benefits.

    "Your rheumatologist indicated that on exam you had a number of tender areas, however, he also reported that your neurological exam was normal and that your previous tests did not show any abnormal findings."

    Makes you wonder what the requirments are for who they hire.

    Oh well time to start round 2 "Ding"

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  2. canap

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    I had an MRI. After a CT scan showed something at first they thought I had MS which was like everything else ruled out by the MRI.
    Thats the way they diagnose Fibro is by ruling everything else out. The tender areas were the tender point exam which was done to finally make the diagnosis after every other test showed normal.
  3. texasrose204

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    maybe then they would realize what we are going through! SSDi denied me last week said my condition is being managed? My dr told me this week that my lupus was doing well with my meds but by no means is my fm being managed. I hurt constantly and exhausted! I don't quite understand there methods oh and they said my primary dr (who doesn't treat me for my conditions) said i had no physical impairments? so go figure i wish you luck on round 2!!!

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