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  1. Txslady

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    I was 100% normal on December 3, 2004. On December 4, 2005 In a matter of minutes I became ill. It took until January 24, 2005 to discover my gallbladder was bad (I had no stones) and it was removed. I have not been the same since. I have been to multiple doctors without getting any results other than IBS, Acid reflux and gastritis. I don't have every symptom everday but these are the ones I experience off and on. The pain and fatigue is there everyday.

    Cold hands and feet
    Varying body temperature
    Variations in blood pressure
    Heart palpitations
    Dry mouth
    Sinuses dry
    Muscle pain, weakness, cringing and twitching
    Joint pain
    Chest pain
    Dizzy/light headed
    Can’t think clearly
    Can’t concentrate
    Tingling in hands, feet and head
    Sensitive to noise
    No deep sleep (do not dream)
    Problems staying asleep
    Eyes hurt and/or burn
    No sex drive
    Nausea and/or vomiting
    Diarrhea with numerous bowel movements
    Loss of memory
    Cold sores
    Blotchy skin
    Neck is always red
    Back Pain
    Upper left and right pain in rib area

    Congrats to those who have managed to deal with this problem. There are times I think I need to be locked up in the mental ward. I am not sure how I make it through everday. I have pretty much cut everything from my life. I go to work and home and that is it for me. I very rarely go out to eat anymore. Any response is appreciated.


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  2. Txslady

    Txslady New Member

    I have an appointment with an Endo on October 4, 2005. Wish it was sooner. My Gastro and General doctors have suggested CFS, Aniexty and FMS. I am 34 and have severe Osteporosis in my back and mild in my hip. There has been the mention of degenrative disk disease since I have the Osteo.

    I wish I could just get my life back.
  3. Rosiebud

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    looks to me like you could have CFS / Fibro / IBS but I'm not a doctor. You need a proper diagnosis, go to different docs until you get one.

    I have all of those and get all of those symptoms at various levels and times.

    I also had gallbladder out a year ago and it hasnt helped my gastric problems much.

    You dont need locked up in a mental ward, you do need a proper diagnosis and a sympathetic doctor who will provide the medications you need.

    You will find a lot of help on this board, I'm just sorry you need it.


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  4. Smiffy

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    if you read 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia' by Dr St Amand, you'll find your symptoms described there.
  5. orachel

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    ...Who deal with autoimmune disorders (not all of them do cause we're such a pain in the bum). I'm very new to my diagnosis (only been sick since June), but I've done el truckload of research. I think its the only thing keeping me sane, really.

    Yes, I would definitely insist upon being evaluated for FM, Lupus, and CFS. I have FM, and have had literally every single symptom you have listed there except for cold sores and maybe blood pressure (I wouldn't know if my blood pressure was differing, but I'm only 30 and have never had blood pressure issues before).

    Many symptoms of all of these overlap, but the good news is that only Lupus involves any muscle degeneration (unless you totally cease all movement due to pain...gotta keep moving as much as possible even though it hurts or you get deconditioned). So, If you have CFS or FM, it may feel like you're dying some days, but you're not (if that's any comfort!). Reason I suggested testing for lupus is because of the redness and blotchy skin. Skin discoloration/rash is a huge symptom of lupus, I believe, and many patients have both Lupus and FM.

    So, good news is you're not nuts. Most of us here have had most of your symptoms, and it totally sucks and hurts and makes us tired, but a diagnosis is a great first step!!!
    Also, maybe hop onto the AFSA website (think its have a wonderful chart listed that you can print that lists all of the most common treatments for FM, plus side effects, dosages, etc...It might be really useful for when you and doc are working on a plan to manage your pain.

    Hugs, and welcome!

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