Do they have Extended release Xanax

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat0465, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. kat0465

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    i could have swore i heard someone talking about extended release Xanax, does anyone know if they make it?? im having some problems with my Xanax lasting at least 4 hours( or more if i can do it)I know that your body tends to get Immune to the same dose.Im debating to ask for something that will last longer unless they have an extended release. for all of you on anxiety Meds, what are you taking & how well is it working for you.thanks, Kat
  2. star273

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    Yes, they do make it. Its called Xanax ER :)
    I was having the same problem and my Dr. prescribed it for me for awhile. I am now back on the regular amount. It sure helped when I needed it though.
    Hope you can get some.
  3. gotdirt

    gotdirt New Member

    my son said he had tried everything to help him sleep after 4-5 car accidents. xanax was the first thing that worked and he took it for a long time. it calmed him down and made him feel better. then when he ran out and did not take it for 3 days he had a severe seizure!!! it you stop the drug with in 24 to 72 hrs after you can have a seizure. it is not meant for long term use at all. and should not even be started!!! beware.
  4. 4-5 car accidents is terrible...

    Now, (you can probably guess where this might go, please, no eye rolling,)

    I respect your post, and understand your concerns for other people's safety on this board, but....

    We shouldn't tell people ever, (IMO) that a medication is not meant for long term use at all, and should not even be started. It just isn't true, for everyone. Some people have no other option, some have tried everything else.

    The huge thing, in your son's case, of course, is running out!!!

    Yes, that is terrible, and terribly dangerous, the package insert warns of that possibility, (moreso as a *high probabilty*)

    As with any anti-convulsant, anti-anxiety medication, many pain medications, anti-depressants, etc...

    most, if not *all* warn persons to not stop taking them suddenly, due to the risk of seizures, many medications lower the seizure threshhold. Not just that, many also warn about other things, such as stroke, and even death. While there are also, much milder, in comparison problems that can, do, occur, like vomiting, tremors, cold sweats, heart palpitations, agitation, etc.

    I realize how strongly people can feel about this or that medication, *particularly* when they themselves, or a loved one has experienced something life-threatening, or worse from that medication..

    But, there are people, (LOTS of us,) that have been on Xanax, Klonopin, Ativan, etc for YEARS, and some are on "tiny" doses, FOR SLEEP, and have been at the same doseage, for *years* & *years*.

    Mikie, I believe, is one who has been on a 'tiny' dosage of clonazepam for a LONG time, (I believe, in past posts, she MAY have said she can take .25mgs, yes, a 1/4 of a mg) at bedtime, for sleep, but, don't quote me on that.

    Many others take similar (same class) drugs as well, and find them safer, or more effective, cheaper, etc than all these 'new' sleep medications they are coming out with, that also cause terribly frightening side effects-

    I, personally, have HUGE issues, with anti-depressants; as well as the prescription sleep medications...

    BUT, I try to never tell anyone that a drug should never be started, I can only share my own personal experience on that medication, (as you also shared your sons), and I too, shared my *aunts* experience, with a cholesterol drug, etc..

    But, I merely let people know that for ME, the medication did not work, or that for ME it was a nightmare drug. Some of them left me with permanent side effects, and scratching my head, as to how such a 'demon' drug (to MY body) ever made it through trials, and onto the market.

    but, I've realized through the years of being on this board, as well as previously (5 yrs) on an MS board/chat room; that for some people, that particular medication in some cases, is truly a *life saver*.

    Again, I want to emphasize in this post, my sincerest sympathy for what your son went through.

    I myself, tried to wean off of clonazepam, extremely* slowly, (over months), and the 'withdraw' did not even hit me, that i was aware of, anyways, until day 11-21... and they WERE pure he**...

    there is little doubt in my mind, that I was extremely near having a stroke, or 'mini-stroke' (TIA), or seizure.

    I have to take clonazepam, as it has been the only drug, that controls my intention tremors, and SEVERE myoclonus.

    Which, btw, was triggered by taking several different drugs, of the same class, JUST to make my DOCTORS happy- and out of fear that by refusing the medication, that would result in my chart being labeled 'uncooperative' or that 'patient refuses treatment'.

    There's no guarantee that I would not have developed these things anyhow, but, we DO know, that anti-depressants triggered them- or at the very least 'exposed' them, very violently, very quickly, and permanently.

    As well, after having taken one, that I've seen help many people here on the board, I developed sinus tachycardia, and also irregular heartbeats often.

    So, I just wanted to let you know, I DO understand your concern for others, (having myself, suffered MANY times, severe side effects, adverse reactions, etc as have many, if not everyone else on the board.)

    I understand, wholeheartedly, the urgency within YOU, to want to *warn* others, of what CAN happen, but, everyone is different, everyone's body is different, all of us try so many medications, but many prove ineffective (a lot try natural routes too,)

    None of us want MORE medications, but, unfortunately, there ARE NO SUPPLEMENTS nor vitamins, that can treat certain* disorders.

    I tried very hard, to find everything natural that I could, for my sister, who suffers from Bipolar II disorder, Borderline Personality disorder, 'mild' psychosis, and SEVERE PTSD, among other things- everything they put her on, causes her severe weight gain, and she now has many health issues. And, for her to lose her health, trying to get HELP, and the meds failing her miserably in the process.... :-(

    My former dietician & his father, run a chain of the GNC stores here, I've asked all around if there were anything in their stores, for BiPolar disorder, and, they have ALL said no.

    The only things there are, are *supportive* 'brain, mood, sleep' supplements, "Omega 3" & some other stuff.

    I too suffer from severe PTSD, unfortunately, and, so far, NOTHING can help it, or the anxiety/sudden panic attacks... and I'm ON clonazepam (2mgs, for the twitching/jerking, & tremors).

    We do take melatonin, for sleep, as both our doctors put us on Ambien, Ambien CR, Lunesta, etc. ($$$$$ and for neither one of US, did they work, at ALL)..

    But, just as we aren't supposed to tell anyone *to* take something, (we can always share, suggest, recommend, etc),

    we also, should not say that any medication should never be started, to anyone else.

    Also, you yourself are aware that your sons seizure, was caused, because

    "he took it for a long time"
    "then when he ran out **and did not take it for three days** he had a severe seizure"

    That is very unfortunate, again. I hope that your son is ok now, and that that seizure was his only one.

    Why did your son not call for a refill, when he ran out, or go to the ER? (if it was a weekend, or if he *had* tried calling his dr, I understand doctors sometimes SUCK at 'returning' phone calls, and even calling in scripts sometimes. Regardless of how ill a patient could become without that rx.

    I've gone through THAT as well, twice... once was the Duragesic patch,(again- risk of seizures, when stopped suddenly- did not stop my pain clinic from NOT giving my caregiver the rx that Friday, after I'd called, TWICE, telling them my next change was due Sunday.)

    I found myself in the ER by tuesday, vomiting- the ER doctor was very kind, and I could tell he was very dismayed with my clinic, which failed to get my script to me.) I had taken my rx box with me, just to prove, that they WERE in the wrong, since it had the date it was filled on the box.

    I was just wondering, though, I truly do hate that your son went through that. I wish he could have avoided running out, and not taking it for 3 days,

    Wishing you well,

    Also wishing (?? so sorry, I hate that we can't see the *original* poster's thread/USERNAME) now, when we hit reply...

    but, anyways, I am wishing the *original poster* the best of luck, also, with getting the appropriate, adequate medication.

    Bless All,

  5. leannebug

    leannebug New Member

    ditto .. what Laura said :)

    Been on meds for years... some chick that worked at the pharmacy made a comment (WRONG TO DO< I KNOW) to a friend of mine that she was surprised I wasnt dead yet (???????!!!!?!?!) That was before I was dx'ed with the FM and the horrid arthritises (so now I'm on even MORE stronger meds)...

    I take a Valium at bedtime to go to sleep and 1/2 a xanax PRN.. which is usually just when I'm feeling panicy and my PVC's kick in to overdrive... maybe once a week, more during holidays. :)
    Been doing it for years.. STILL HERE YA NOSY B! <---intended for the clerk!
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  6. acer2000

    acer2000 New Member

    Its called klonopin. Klonopin has a much longer half life than Xanax, and is a similar acting drug. These drugs, however, aren't really meant for long term use.

    And for the car accidents, your son should seek therapy for PTSD, either EMDR or EFT or similar. Unlike "regular" anxiety, anxeity stemming from trauma can't really be solved with meds - altough they might help take the edge off while you get more effective therapy.

    There is a wide variance of ability of practitioners who deal with Trauma too... if you want to do EMDR, etc.. you need to find someone who specializes in it and has a known reputation for working with complex cases. I saw 2 people who claimed they could do EMDR before I found someone who really had a mastery of it. Those other people would have been fine maybe for an easy case, but mine was more complicated..[This Message was Edited on 11/25/2008]
  7. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I took Klonopin for about eight years, to help with sleep difficulties due to my CFS.

    I took 1-2 mg at night, never during the day.

    This is something that Dr. Cheney recommended a long time ago. (I don't know if he still does.) My doctors (an excellent psychopharmacologist and my CFS specialist) had no problems with my doing that.

    Occasionally if I woke up early, I would take a Xanax since I didn't want to sleep too long. Otherwise I took Klonopin.

    After a number of years, I did get withdrawal symptoms if I stopped the Klonopin for more than a couple of nights. Taking even a small amount of it relieved those symptoms.

    After I started mold avoidance, my sleep got better of its own accord. I decreased the Klonopin to 1/2 mg for a number of months, then dropped it entirely.

    If I have a big mold exposure now, I still sometimes take the Klonopin (along with some melatonin). It works well.

    Otherwise I don't need it.

    I'm very glad that I had it all those years though, and certainly would not recommend that others not take it for reasons of "principle" or for fear of withdrawal if it helps them.
  8. acer2000

    acer2000 New Member

    Yeah I know Cheney's theory that if you take it at a steady state you won't get tolerant, but I still did. I guess it just depends on the person. I agree though, if it might help you its worth a shot... every med/treatment is a tradeoff of side effects vs. benefit. Just make sure you know what you are getting into so its an informed decision.

    Since cheney seems to think klonopin is good for blocking the NDMA receptor a reducing "glutamate excitotoxicity", I wonder what he would think of newer drugs that do that such as lamictal?
    So Lisa, did you ever get your HLA typing done? Perhaps I missed it, do you have the dreaded mold/lyme genotype? Or if not, which one? I'm impressed with your mold avoidance.. seems to really be helping you.[This Message was Edited on 11/25/2008]
  9. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i was the original poster , and i agree Laura! while im sure NO meds are really great for Long term use, some of us dont have a choice as it's looking like Cfids/fibro is a long term Disease!!!
    i was initially on xanax for about 3 years and when i felt like i didnt need it any more, i was weaned off & stopped most all my meds for about 5 or 6 years. But once again i became really i'll again, and needed help.Like My Dr. told me, your taking your meds the way they are Prescribed, you dont drink with them, your on a low dose, I dont have a problem prescribing something that makes your Quality of life better!!
    I even had Dr tell me one time that i was no better than a addict if i was taking Xanax!! he's is now in prison for child Porn & molestation, and he was telling me i was a bad person for taking a controlled Substance.
    I know it's a delicate subject,And some people probabaly would agree with the doc.BUT i sleep better at night, i can function without Anxiety attacks. And as long as it's helping me & not hurting me, then i choose to stay on it.
    also thatks for the info on Klonopin, i was wondering if it worked the same as Xanax.
    {{Hugs}} to all, Kat
  10. I hope you get the help you need, whatever it is.

    I want to reiterate again, so that I've not come acrossed neither totally *pro* nor, totally *con*, and to make sure again, since my post *was* quite lengthy,

    To gotdirt, I hope that you do understand, that I know the intent of your post was nothing but good, and hope you know that I in no way, shape, or form was 'coming down' on you, not at all,

    I would NEVER want to make anyone feel *worse* for coming to a support board, or posting their thoughts, etc..

    LOVE, hope, peace, & understanding, to all

  11. gotdirt

    gotdirt New Member

    don't really appreciate the attack! if you really want to risk it go ahead take it. I know my son said it was the only thing that helped him sleep. but now after 4 months he still has not recovered from his seizure. and I did not just give you this advice off the wall. I called the manufacturer, and also asked several of my doctors, which said they would never prescribe it. for the reason it is so addicting and it is not meant for long term. but if you don't want to believe it fine. just google bad reactions to xanax. there are several people who who had horrible grand mall seizures (which are the worse seizures where you lose consciousness.) good luck with that.
  12. Larac.

    Larac. New Member

    Hi, I had pharmacy carrer for 20 yrs, until fibro--took over and in aug 2007-dr, made me resign---I am knowledgeable on medicines, I also take xanax 1mg, 3 at bedtime and I am still getting up at 1am---it truly sucks---the after taste is horrible---I was using lunesta, which was wonderful but planned did not cover it---

    I also know of a chlorol hydrate---liquid---I think the pill was discontinued by manufacturer---I know that works well, a patient I helped, I filled that medicine for her every month...

    I hope this has been helpful---Larac---I am always here...
  13. Gotdirt... It is responses like that "didn't really appreciate the attack!"... that caused me to leave this board, more than once, for LONG periods of time, and also, to 'lurk' reading only what I felt were helpful and or educational posts, pertaining to me, and my specific situations/conditions.

    There really is nothing more I can, or WILL say to you..

    I took the time to type a VERY lengthy post, saying MANY TIMES, how much I UNDERSTOOD the reasons you posted what you posted, how it was only out of concern for others...

    And, NO ONE on here disagreed with the fact that these medications can, and DO cause seizures, especially when STOPPED COLD TURKEY!

    If you read my post, in it's entirety, not to mention, the SECOND post, specifying that I in NO WAY wanted you to think or feel that any of my post was 'coming down' on you, and that the last thing I (or most people on this board) would ever want to do, is make another poster feel bad, attacked, hurt... what have you.

    So, again, there really is nothing else that I can, or will say to you, except that, in general, I am TIRED of taking so so much time & effort, (it takes a LOT out of me, and a LOT of time, & effort) to post, especially since, all of us, since years ago, when there were frequent, and repeated fights over the SAME ISSUE(S), feel the need nowadays, to continually add 'disclaimers' over & over in our posts, as well as making sure to *constantly* type things like "IMO" (in my opinion).. which used to be... and SHOULD be, a given.

    Out of the long, lengthy post I'd made, how many times did I agree with you, and express my deepest sympathies for what your son has gone through, etc?

    And, yet, all you saw, was maybe what you wanted to see... even though I repeatedly said, that in no way shape or form, was that to be taken as an attack at all.

    Such a shame, out of all that information, and you don't even realize, or see, that you're apparently angry at me (and others), when 99% of that post AGREED with you..

    I only said that we should never tell people not to ever start a drug, etc... and gave an example, of how *some* people, truly are out of any other choice, and have *tried* everything else.

    We can share our experiences, give our opinions, etc... we just try not to make 'blanket' statements, such as never, etc...

    This seems to always spark little 'tiffs' on the board, and I was only trying to HELP you.

    I'm done with this thread now, and, probably the board again, as I am sick & tired of things like this.

    I am sorry you only saw an 'attack' in a post, where there was none.

    Take care all.

  14. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Please dont leave the board,i truly believe we all need places like this to come and learn, and vent, and just know were not alone.
    I knew when i wrote about Xanax i would probably get some flack about it, But i thought hey it's just a simple Question.Im sorry your were singled out, there was quite a few posts and i really thought if anyone got beat up about the med it would be me! once again, Im sorry and i hope you stay! We need each other!! {{Hugs}} Kat
  15. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I agree, please don't leave. I know your posts always take a lot of effort, you put a lot into them and they are valuable to many people!
    Don't let anyone ruin it for others, please.
    Believe me, I get tired of people even saying "I don't use any medicines, I don't put that crap in my body" - it's like a slam to some of us that unfortunately need them. None of us would choose them if we felt we didn't need them.
    I just told my husband this morning, while sorting my meds and checking off my 'list, "amazing that I was once a girl who rarely took a Tylenol"

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