do we have

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    a lobbyist in DC to try to get the laws we need passed (i.e. funding for research, etc)...

    I would think some of these drug co. could fund 1 or 2 with all the money they make off all the meds we require...

    And do we have a resource that knows which senators/congressman are more aware? Presidential candidates? etc.. I'd like to know who is thinking/voting what up there in DC as regards FM/CFS!! Rhonda
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    The CFIDS Association contracts with a lobbying organization, The Sheridan Group, to do just that. They also have a very good grassroots advocacy site that lets you know which Senators and Congressmembers are doing the most. The site also makes it very easy to send emails to your representatives and lets you know when letters are really needed. It can be found at

    Just for the record, I'm a member of a lot of CFS/ME organizations, get newsletters from others, and regularly check websites around the world. The CAA is not the only organization out there, but it's the only one with a paid lobbyist for CFS (to my knowledge).
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    I will be checking these very soon....In fact, I think is the first site I went to, three years ago. I haven't visited in a very long time. I think they used to send me newsletters.....I will have to check it out again soon!!! Again, thank you both!!! Rhonda