do yall think our docs get tired of us?????

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    hey yall-----im going through a bad time now---------it seems as if im ok for a month or two-------then all he---- breaks loose---------im on rx meds----------methadone,provigil and roxicodone----------workwd great for about 6/7 months( after 5/6 months trial and error)----now im in a horrible flare---------had trigger point injections last week-12--------they did not help--------i cant believe i this-----im already taking strong rx meds-------whats next--------------my doctor probably hates me----------i hate me--------i called them today----------waited all day-------they called 5 mins after i left---------guess ill try again tomorrow-----------im sooooo tired of feeling like this-------------sorry i dont mean to be so negative---------LOVE TO ALL------------LAURA
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    I get those feelings. But helping people with chronic problems is part of being a doctor, and hopefully your doc sees it that way too.
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    thanks for the reply----i hope your right-------laura
  4. I'm a constant reminder of their failure to care, treat, diagnose, and try everything under the sun to help get me well. I quit going to my PCP, gastro, & neuro for over 2 yrs because of the way they started making me feel. I see my pcp wednesday, "to check up, since i'm on heart meds" mandatory NOW every 6-12 months the nurse says. "that's news to me, " I say.

    She's NEVER wanted to see me again, gives meds, calls refills in 1-2 a year (she gives plenty of refills). She used to be pleasant, truly sympathetic, etc, but never did anything but a few blood tests like thyroid, on her own, she referred me all over 3 cities, and tried Mayo years ago which was "6 months behind/overbooked"...then it was like


    And, she fakes sympathy as coming in the exam room, but, she's checked out. She did not even try* to hide her "OH DA*N! IT's YOU" look on her face one time, even my mom said she looked like she was thinking just that, as she came in the room......all smiley, then like 'OH....dam*"

    BUT--I got news for them all. I go through phases of this, where THEY WIN, running my non-existant self-esteem into the mud, and I digress, lay in bed at home, pray for a change-of any kind, that delivers me from this pain/fatigue & takes the burden off my hubby----

    ----and THEN--The phase switches, back to rage---and I get on the rampage of WHY, WHY do I NOT let them know every single night I'm laying awake, suffering, crying, praying out loud to god, feverishly for help, knowing the DOCTORS have the power, to do more, run tests, try diff meds....and then I make them SICK of my phone calls, visits (when ABLE!), etc.

    The cycle goes back and forth all the time....but, I only hurt ME, when I quit going, because--my health does NOT improve, during that time, for sure...and then I end up needing 10 diff doctor appts all at once, and am too sick to even get to one....ONE of these days, I'll learn, that, it's not hurting them* one bit, my abscence...but I suffer.


    Sorry you're feeling this way, I've been through that so many times, like I said, It just cycles and cycles for me.

    Feel better soon, know that you're worth their time, curteous phone calls, efforts, and attempts to treat you, no matter how many things NEED to be tried. We owe it to ourselves to try the best, and THEY OWE US THEIR VERY BEST BEHAVIOUR, TESTING, TREATMENTS, etc.


    Another Laura, (Laura M.)
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    Chronic diseases like this are doctor's dreams come true! They don't know what to do so they give you drugs, you keep coming back, they keep ordering more expensive tests and prescribing stuff and it doesn't work and you keep coming back!! They only get tired and annoyed when you get tired and annoyed and start asking difficult questions. If they found a cure it would only prevent our suffering but it would be billions of dollars in lost doctor and drug bills. Makes you wonder, huh? karen
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    hey yall-----gosh im sorry that im not the only one!!!!!-------really i do not wish for anyone to ever have to go through anything remotely like tis--------we are indeed a special--unique group-----------its just so hard most of the time--------thanks for sharing with me on this--------its hard enough to go through it at the time----------much less again----------take care all-----------laura
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    i think after they see me a couple of times its like oh no here she comes again but "hey i pay you so do it, just do it!" and i did notice if i ask questions she gets annoyed excuuuuse me for being concerne for my own self i gotta copy of my records and she wrote some mess down i got hot she really made it seem like i was crazy and twisted things around therefor i went to another neauro ill take my insurance and co pay somewhere else the heffer actually put down i was affraid of dying from the tremors can you imagine i know i am a blonde but dang she didnt have to be so nasty she wrote other stuff too, i didnt say that i told her at the beginning, the first visit thaat when this all first started real bad i was concerned that these might have been symptoms due to something really serious but the nearusurgeon did an mri and it was negative so i now know my brain is tumor free. so i wanted to know what is wrong with me. now where in there does it say i am affraid of dying from restless leg syndrome and tremors?! so if i make them sick by asking questions and trying to get a handle on what is happening with me so be it! thats why they went to med school to be a doc now doc me up! i apologize to anyone having a hard time right now. i dont wish this on anyone, and i just hate the fact for anyone (and for all) who is getting slack from doctors who just dont want to be bothered i think they dont want to be bothered because they are not educated on these illness' i went to last night and printed off alot of those things so when i see a doc i will cary info with me there is one for the neauro too i liked that site.
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    -------you go girl-----i know what you mean-----THEY DO WORK FOR US!!!!!------BUT THEY HAVE THE POWER-----we dont-----------they have the rx pad-we dont-----they have the meds --we dont--------WE HAVE MOST OF THE KNOWLEDGE-----DO THEY?????!!!!!!!-------i need to " buck up" and be strong-----------i do get upset-----they have been kind and very helpful-----i just get sooooo tired of saying-----oh ----this isnt working now,-again and again-etc-----maybe its just me------im tired--------i want to be me --------laugh,love and live life-------not just exsist------sorry i cant even spell tonite!!!!!!please keep in touch------you seem to have alot of spunk!!!!!---------take care all--------laura
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    It’s the specialist that I’m sure love to see me. Because that look at just like I have a tattoo on my forehead that says BOAT PAYMENT!!!
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    I get tired of them alright tho!

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    --yep!!!!!boat-boathouse--houseboat-lakehouse-cabin on the lake------cabin in the highlands-----cabin on the slopes-------------and i cant afford my co-pay!!!!!---------take care all--------i dont need all the material things----id just like to feel better----not hurt--------not be made to feel bad for hurting--------maybe i do this mind trip to myself????---LOVE TO ALL--------LAURA----------OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----------HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!
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    dont worry about typing i feel sorry for everyone who reads mein lol i mean mine bkay fingers a twitchting