Do yo know someone who really stoped their Fibromyalgia?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Flowdancer, Oct 5, 2014.

  1. Flowdancer

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    I have been 4.3 years with Fibro, I really know the most of all have the same sympthoms and many times ones are worst than others...

    This years I have used to do several things, recomendations and becoming myself as an ePatient, Im always positive and I know my illness it's better controled... But, I'ts impressive for me to know every day more and more cases of fibromyalgia and doctors without eficient ways to stop the illness.

    So, Doctors... it's true when somebody says that has the cure?? Could be posible??

    Thanks and I´ll be waiting your answer...
  2. IanH

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    I have never personally met a person who was cured of fibromyalgia. There is no known cause and no known cure.
    However the diagnosis of FM has become fuzzy and in my opinion overused to describe a person with pain that has no clear anatomical reason. In most cases there has been no proper investigation of the pain or its source(s).

    In many cases fibromyalgia is indistinguishable from ME. The symptoms are the same and differ only in degree.
    I believe both of these illnesses (where indistinguishable) are the result of immunological loss of tolerance. Both illnesses involve Treg dysfunction. This could in turn be caused by many different factors. These can include genetic predisposition where a now known set of genes become poorly regulated. It typically includes vitamin D deficiency which is a known regulator of many of those genes and of Treg function. Both illnesses can follow a physical or infective trauma. Whether they can also involve a mental trauma is highly debateable but CHRONIC psychological stresses may be a factor. Environmental toxins may also increase risk because they are known to "stress" the immune system.

    The point I am making is that all of these factors are probably at work in fibromyalgia/myalgic-encephalomyelopathy and so a cure is highly unlikely. Of course there are many people who I know have improved their life by doing several things to help live within the boundaries of their "tolerance". I know for some it is very hard to expand those boundaries. Most responsible doctors treat the symptoms as best they can and good doctors partner with their patient to find all sorts of help. All doctors who work with these illnesses can only help with reducing the symptoms.

    With more fundamental research we will eventually find cures but I am afraid that is a long way off. Just look at MS. (When they stopped calling MS "spastic hysteria" some decent research occurred). There is more than 40X the money put into MS research than into FM or ME research. and still we are no where near a cure of MS.

    There is some decent research happening for FM/ME but nowhere enough to get a cure in the next five years.
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  3. Flowdancer

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    Ian, I really appreciate your answer because all you say it's true. My question it's because I have found lots of sites of that: "a cure" and accompanied by testimonials that I really never believe because like you I know the unknown cause and all the symptoms.

    Fybro, CFS and PTSD are very close, actually my diagnosis tends to be more related with PTSD than Fybro but at the end are the same symptoms and in my clinical history appears: divorce, brucelosis and lots of emotional stress... So... As you said, nobody can separate or define my diagnosis.

    Thank you and I'll be close to this forum, it's the most profesional I have found all this years.

    Good night from Mexico.

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