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    love this. You know that pain management doc who dropped me like a hot potato? He's being sued and it was on the front page of the paper. He really hates lawyers and lawsuits - he told me that before.

    The article says: A doctor who is suing was fired because he reported alleged wrongdoing. He's suing the service because he says that the service (which consists of my doc and another doc) because they "routinely" did things that were below the accepted standards of medical care. Among other things, he claims: the provider of hte anesthesia failed to meet personally with a patient before surgical procedures; use of poor clinical judgment; failure to use proper equipment in some cases; and failure to remove certain equipment at the appropriate times. There's more.

    I really do believe this because they used to have their office at the hospital and they tried to take care of pain mgmt. patients while also taking care of the hospital's surgeries. My doc would run back and forth leaving me for an hour sometimes after starting a consultation.

    Should I call and thank them for dropping me?

    I have to be happy over something like this but I feel they deserve it.
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    Across the river from St. Louis. The article is in the Alton Telegraph.

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