do you believe in tender points?

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    i've got fibro. or at least that's what the docs say. yet my tender point exams are not clear to me. i just recently was evaluated for a drug study. from one visit to the next i can vary alot. if i were the doctor, i would say i don't have fibro. but having lived with it for about 5 years now, i am sure i have something! my pain varies from burning skin, to achey joints, to pain deep inside my bones, not to mention muscle aches. i vary from day to day, hour to hour. i always feel supersensitive to pain. but this tender point thing has me confused. any one else? 38atp
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    was checked for fibro several years ago. I coulda sworn the guy didn't touch but 5 trigger points, but in his report he said I have 7! Shocked me. This guy was the head of the rheum. dept at the hospital so will assume he knew what he was doing.

    I don't know if fibro causes so much variation, but CFS does. Though not so much pain. I agree to ask your doctor about it. If several say you have fibro, and if they know what they're doing, then you very well might have it.

    The clearest tender point diagram I've seen is the one I got when I signed up here. I assume you'll get a packet of stuff in the mail soon.
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    They are the one symptom which is definitive for FMS. You can have FMS without tender spots, but if you have 11 of the 18 tender spots, it is considered clinical evidence of FMS. You can have tender spots in a lot more places than the 18 most common areas. Tender spots can vary in their tenderness from time to time also. Docs can palpitate these spots and when they put pressure on them, it is very tender.

    Personally, I think there is so much overlap betweeen MCS, FMS, and CFIDS that they are all related somehow. A lot of people have FMS and CFIDS like I do. A lot of people with Lupus and MS will also develop FMS. We just don't know a heck of a lot about these illnesses yet.

    Since being on the Guai, a lot of my tender spots are gone or almost gone. The first to appear are the first to go.

    Love, Mikie
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    I figure the doctor knew what he was doing--I was the one who didn't know much. I never thought I had fibro, I just wanted it ruled out.
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    It is not a matter of belief. Tender points are real, but they are simply a diagnostic tool. Even the idea of eleven of eighteen tender points, though, was developed orginally as a way to set up a scientific test. Only people with at least eleven tender points were included in the "fibromyalgia" group. Later, when a definition of fibromyalgia was needed, the idea of eleven of eighteen tender points was arbitrarilly chosen as one of the requirements. As a result, a person with fewer trigger points may be said to have fibromyalgia, even if the person does not exactly meet the official definition.

    My particular doctor thinks fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are different manifestations of the same disease. Think of it as two points at the ends of a line, with fibromyalgia at one end and chronic fatigue syndrome at the other. My doctor thinks that a person may be at one end of this line at one time, move over towards the center, then to the other point, and back again. He told me I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Then I noticed he was calling it fibromyalgia. So I asked for clarification. That's when he drew a line and told me about his views above. Since that time, he's come to refer to it on official forms as "chronic fatigue with myofascial pain," or "fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue," in other words, whatever I was manifesting at the time.