do you Ever ever NOT have pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by homesheba, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    i cant think or remember any time at all that i havent had some pain with this stuff.
    it has now been like-atleast i suppose
    the late 80's ive had this and couldnt find a dr back then...
    and with the poly migratory arthrits to-
    i know that also is a factor.
    i forget what it feels like to have no pain!
    right now as i sit here and even with a pain patch on...
    i m hurting so bad -
    esp. in my neck that i wish i could cut it off.
    ok i know that sounds sick..
    . but man!!!
    what does it take to not have pain??
  2. I NEVER DO NOT HAVE PAIN! It is my life now, even with vicodin and lyrica, PAIN PAIN PAIN.
  3. scott66

    scott66 New Member

    There is not a day that doesn't go by when something doesn't hurt. I try to stay positive. My friend is in a wheel chair ,and is so postitive. I always tell myself it can be a lot worse. It helps for me to think like that.
    I have not been pain free since 94.
  4. xkopy

    xkopy New Member

    My pain only happens when I walk or stand. It is there all the time then and never goes away. But if i'm sitting or laying there is no pain. Every day my leg muscles are stiff an hurt alot but only when walking or standing. Is that common to fibromyalgia? I only have this problem in my legs.
  5. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    Mostly my pain is the worst when I walk or stand but there is NEVER anytime that I don't have pain somewhere.

    Yesterday I had a sharp throbbing pain in my lower abdomen on the left side. I sit at a desk all day and it just throbbed all day long. Today, it doens't hurt there at all. My shoulders ache today. Last night it was my wrists. Even when I am sitting perfectly still, something hurts and I never know where it will be.

    I have just come to accept this and try to take the edge off when the pain is realy bad with Percoset. It nevers completely takes the pain away but with a nibble of Xanax, I can tolerate it and go on.

    I guess we were just given this disease to test our ability to cope with things. Who knows??

  6. JaneSmith

    JaneSmith New Member

    Every single day of my life.

  7. cyndeebee

    cyndeebee New Member

    I was diagnosed last week, and in some ways it was a relief to know that there was a REASON for always feeling achey, fevered, why a simple little walk to the post office would finish me off for the rest of the day. I've been working on contract since June, and I've been absent more days than working...

    What's the prognosis for this? Does anyone manage to hold a job?
    I see an employment counselor this week, to see if we can come up with a home-based business. Consulting...maybe.

    I don't take anything for the pain, except Tylenol with Codeine, but only if it gets excutiating.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions...or advice, on what I can expect in the future.

  8. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    I can honestly say that they is not a moment of any day that I do not have ANY pain!
  9. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    for you all to.
    i had to stop working eventually
    as many here did,
    hopefully you wont have to
    and maybe will be able to cont at home.
    i started out with taking light pain killers
    but now the fentanyl
    doesnt seem to be wking as well...
  10. 3gs

    3gs New Member


    once told doc if i had a shot gun i would blow my legs offto stop the pain.

    now the lovely weather is seeing how high it can racquet up the pain level all over.

  11. Plus the post above from me, I even had back surgery thinking it was more than fibro. Now I have ten times the pain I had before. Yes this weather is making it worse~! Life is NOT fair!
  12. MIssAutumn

    MIssAutumn New Member

    I've had FM for almost 40 years and always have pain. I am blessed with an unusual tolerance for pain so am able not to have to take narcotics or prescription meds, though if it gets really bad I pray.

    I recently went to the central coast here in Ca and spent 3 days with "NO" pain. Go figure, most FMers are worse in the damp weather - I do worse in the dry heat. We decided we will be moving there in about a year. So now I'm trying to get this old house ready to sell and in a lot of pain LOL
  13. Doober

    Doober New Member

    When the pains does not exist, it is always the feeling of being "run down".

    You know how the body feels when you have a severe cold or flu. The body is not painful, just "Blah". That feeling you get as if you are trying to walk into winds with the force of hurricanes and it seems at though you walked miles but in fact you only walked about 10 feet from one room to another?

    The painfuls days this feeling is very little or non-existant.

    It is like a vicious cycle of pains and then the body "trying" to recuperate from the pains.

    I once descibed it like such and this is pretty much the way it is still with me.

    Picture yourself as a car. I do not drive on flat smooth pavement.

    My daily drive is on a dirt road full of small rocks. that shoot up to under the car reflecting the little spots of pains.

    Sometimes the road is full of BIG rocks that just hurt more than normal.

    Some days my travel will bring me to a bumpy road full of the little rocks and the bigs rocks. Just a never ending ride of hell.

    Then I get to a part of the road where it is just a big mud pit, the car just bogs down and has to work harder to get through the mud at such a slow pace.

    Once I get through the mud, the dirt road starts again with the small rocks and the journey is on again till the next mud pit.

    Still looking for that highway with the fresh new smooth pavement.
  14. homesheba

    homesheba New Member

    the pain can be somewhat controlled with meds,
    but the weakness
    has to be endured .
    nothing can give energy that
    i have found.
    its like alll the blood is gone from me.
    or this is death.
  15. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    Every moment of every day I hurt. Sometimes less than others, Thank God, or I just couldn't go on!
  16. petemora

    petemora Member

    I started taking Cymbalta about 6 weeks ago. It has eliminated most of the inside-out pain in my joints. I can now walk like a normal person - no more waddling. On the down side, it makes me so tired that I end up on the couch in the mornings and afternoons, then it's bed at 5 p.m. But, frankly, its easier to be just tired without pain, than it is to be tired WITH pain.

    Up until now, about the only time I was relatively pain free was in the middie of the night when I would wake up from 1 a.m. until 3 or 4 a.m. During that time period, I usually felt pretty good. UNLESS I was having digestive and heartburn problems which made it very difficult to get comfortable because I had to have my Puke Bucket nearly. Hard to sleep when you are expecting to start projectile vomiting in the near future......

    So far, I'm very pleased with Cymbalta - it has given me a few good hours here and there. Other than that,I usually rest and rest very well, thank you, another blessing![This Message was Edited on 10/06/2008]
  17. pro_photog1970

    pro_photog1970 New Member

    No...I don't get the "I feel like I'm getting my skull peeled off" kind of pain. It's more like a dull-throbbing, hot-pins sensation ache in my forearms and joints compounded with the lead-weight feeling. And it also feels like I've got a twenty-five pound weight on my chest. Plus I have the same sensations on my thighs and calves as I do on my forearms. Did two days worth of packing and had another "crash". But this stuff has to get done due to a move happening on the 28th. It's tolerable (the pain), but my mood has taken a "dive for the hard deck". I don't think I'm going to be too sociable for the next while.
  18. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    I have CIFDS only, not FM, so I don't have the pain you all do. But I was recently re-researching malic acid for energy - it helped me for a short while several years ago.

    Anyways, I came across several articles which said that it could help with fibromyalgia pain and energy. Here's a link to one article on this website:

    It should be taken with magnesium for best results. If you read the foregoing article, it states that 600 mg. twice a day didn't help, but that 1200 mg. twice a day did. So dosage can mean everything when seeing if something will help or not.

    Some years ago I tried l-carnitine for energy and it did nothing. Then I read that people with CFS needed 3,000 mg. a day to get results. I increased my dose, and bingo, I felt great for a week. But unfortunately, that was only temporary too. But I didn't write this to discourage anyone, but just to point out how important taking enough of something is.

  19. tandy

    tandy New Member

    never ever.
    I'm sure I even ache like hell in my sleep but I drug the heck out myself just to get some rest.
    sad but true many nights.

    I have'nt had a painfree day or moment in yrs.
    like 10 yrs.
    except after surgerys when I'm given morphine for the 1st 24 hrs.
    fibro sux does'nt it?

    wish I had something more possitive to say~
  20. wanderingbluedragon

    wanderingbluedragon New Member

    But in dry hot weather it's not as bad.
    As soon as you add any cold weather or damp it's a different story. I tell my friends I am a walking barometer. I don't take pain pills unless I am in agony and can't sleep because I cannot get doctors to prescribe me any. They don't really help anyway. Stress makes me hurt a lot as well. As for what it takes to not have pain? I dunno...I sometimes get so down that I feel the only way to be totally free of pain would be to end it. I even tried a few months back. I can say that that is not the way to go. I know that this sounds cliche and like it's half hearted advice from someone who has no idea what type of pain you could be in, but I have found that the best way out of the pain is to distract myself from it. Sure there are days when even that doesn't work, but it's all I have to get myself through. When I read a book, and I mean really get into it to where the world around me fades away, I don't feel the pain. It's the same way with a good movie or if I play a video game I'm really interested in. Somehow for that small moment of time, I can switch off that part of my brain to where I don't feel it. It's not a permanent solution, but it can give me a small break.

    Hope this helps.


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