Do you ever feel this way?

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    Dear God,

    I don't know how to tell you just what is on my heart today. There are tears in there, and fears, and pain, and a lot of confusion. I only know I need to share them with you.

    Yesterday I made the statement that "this isn't the way I planned for my life to be" and then I thought of you. I can't imagine how it must feel to be God and to look down on those you have created in your image and see them suffering so. I know there is not one of us who are human who doesn't suffer. We all lose someone we love to death, we have broken hearts because the people we once loved, no longer love us, our hearts break for our children, or we are ill ourselves. Not one human being is exempt from some type of suffering. I am sure just as Jesus looked down on Jerusalem and wept, that you must look down upon us and think also; "This isn't the way I planned it."
    I know I spend a lot of time asking you for healing, not just for myself but for others. I've asked for finances, and strength. I bet the sparrows don't feel the need to ask, they are smarter than I am, and know you have taken care of that already.
    I have only one request today, and that is that somehow, in my pain and confusion, with my illnesses and doubts that somehow you make my life count for something. May the smile I share, the words I share with those who cross my path change someone's life for the better even if it's only for a moment? When my life is over and someday it will be, I want to leave this world knowing that my life meant something and that it wasn't wasted. I don't feel the need to be noticed for this by those around me, but I need to know inside, that someone benefited from my being here on this planet.
    I offer to you today, this body of mine that barely functions, and mind that is often confused, and I ask that you use it in anyway you can. Let someone know today, that you love them, because I was able to share your love with them.
    Thank you for listening and for caring. I am so glad that you are there and that you love me, right where I am at, now, this very moment. And God, I am glad I don't have your job, but I do thank you that you were willing to perform it, Your doing great!

    In Jesus Name
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    Its weird how as a person gets older, they want to know their purpose in life. It's true, we all have our own set of hardships to deal with, our bones creak a little more everyday. Sometimes some, sometimes often I wish I could what I did 20 or 30 years ago. I know that I deal with the things you have said often, somedays not wanting to go to work, but I'm the only one that works. I used to not feel that pressure when I was younger, just did it. But now its different, much more responsibility. I wish I could get a farm, chickens,garden,cows,etc, a little shack, and do that everyday. Life can be so fast pace and hectic.

    Dear Lord, let me feel you presence, hold my hand, and let me know that your grace is always there for me and everyone on this worship board. These people here have becone important to me and I Pray that they are blessed each day.
    Thank you for your grace.

  3. Sunshyne1027

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    I was at the grocery store today, smmiled at a elderly man coming out of the store. He smiled back, said your smile just lifted me up, and well hello there. Your prayer is wonderful. If anything at all I wish, its to spread the love I have back in my heart, to others. I did today, though I didn't realize it until reading your prayer.

    I think at times at the recent moments I have had, interacted with others too.. Like just at the store, or in the neighborhood, or at a job, or church, then also at Vocational rehab, and the friends I made when going to school. I count for something, even with all that I suffer from. I make a difference, and I am so content with that. I neither want recognition for it all. I just want to touch others, like I have been touched with the Love of Jesus. My life changed, when I realized someone actually loves me. Loves me for all that I am, want to be, and all that I want to become.

    Your prayer made me cry, and brought some inspirtion. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.