Do you ever feel???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by twinkles49, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. twinkles49

    twinkles49 New Member

    Do you ever feel like all you can do is sit and stare?

    I don't mean being depressed. Your enegy level is so low that you can't think, move, breath, etc?

    That is, you pick up the remote control and then sit there wondering which button is the one to push for power. Then when you do get the tv on, you just stare at it, not able to take in what is being said.

    I have to say, I do hate it when the flare you are going through wipes out everything you have to get through the day or even the next minute.

    You would think I would learn not to feel guilty for not being able to get things done after so many years of having fibro and chronic fatigue. But I still do feel guilty.

    Any solutions to learning how to "not" feel guilty for not getting things done?

    It's funny, if I'm out doing somthing with my sister or hubby and don't do anything else that day, I don't feel guilty. But when I'm down for the count I do.

  2. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    I have no answer for the guilt, I guess every one of us feel that way some days. Just imagine the guilt to have shape, put it in a balloon of favorite color and let it go up in the clouds! Gone!

    The blank stare, just sitting like a zombie I do too during flares. Is horrible, I sometimes have to remind myself to breathe,it's like no messages are going to my brain, including functions like breathing.

    My son joked that he wanted to get a spray bottle he has to spray my eyeballs with water since I seemed to not blink either,,,LOL,LOL!

    Let go of the guilt, you are busy allowing your body to be where it is when it is. Pushing in any direction won't help a bit.

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  3. georgie0826

    georgie0826 New Member

    I do the same thing. Just sit and stare like a zombie, then wonder where the time went. It helped me to make a list of things to do, laundry, change cat litter, etc. At least I can look at that and know I should be doing something.
    As far as the guilt, it bothered me for a long time, but I have a great husband. I told him I would do what I could. Once he realized that, the guilt when away.
  4. twinkles49

    twinkles49 New Member

    You all are so right and it is such a comfort to know that you are not alone in how you feel.

    Just knowing that someone has the same symptom as you do helps so much.

    I may not physically feel much better, but I sure do mentally feel better.

    Twinkles :)

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