do you ever get the feeling that the cosmos is out for you??

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  1. KarrinneSleepyhead

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    June 30th, on my way to work. I keep my car fairly well maintained. Danged thing blows the engine. Lovely. I keep cheerful.
    June 30th, later in the day. Ground my teeth during an afternoon nap (couldn't go to work, might as well go home and nap). Break off tooth that has been filled, refilled and root canaled. Hurts like a (i can't say it on here).

    July 2, get the stupid tooth pulled.

    July 4, enjoy nice weekend with family.

    July 9, my best friend at work wants to follow me so I can show her where a furniture store slightly off my usual path is having a 90% off sale.
    We are walking to the parking garage. I step off a curb.

    All Hell lets loose.

    My friend said that she heard me say oh s**t! and she turns to catch me as I am falling. I did NOT hit the ground. I broke my ankle and it is OBVIOUS that its broken. For no apparent reason in the world, my ankle exploded, the large bone broke, and all the tendons/muscles/ligaments around it let go. The surgeon told my husband it was a "massive repair, and that it would hurt her every day of the rest of her life." Thanks, man, THAT's what I need to hear.
    And no, I do not have osteoporeosis, he said I had good dense bone, that he had trouble getting the pins in the leg to repair it. No one has a good reason of why it occurred.
    I have NO memory of the actual fall/break episode. I stayed in the hospital four days, went to see the dr three days later, he recasted the leg (with stitches on one side of the leg and staples up and down the other) and I go back next Friday.
    I cannot bear any weight on that leg at all until September. They gave me a brace for my other leg, and I am 200 lbs bunny hopping on one leg with a walker. I start PT in September, and he said he MIGHT let me begin driving in October. THAT is THREE months off work.
    The only consolation is it is workman's comp and eventually we will be reimbursed the $400 we have paid out of pocket and I will get 2/3 salary for that time. Now when that actually all will happen, who knows.

    I think life or karma or God or whatever you personally believe in, wanted me on my big butt doing nothing for some unknown reason. Do ya think that's a reasonable conclusion to come to????
  2. Wow how terrible. Feel better soon.

    And YES I always wonder if there is something working against me living with this pain.
  3. poets

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    I get days where from the time I get up, things go wrong or just plain crazy. It's a helpless feeling because I know that it means it's going to be one thing after another. And it is! There's just nothing you can do to change it. It's gonna happen. Something's out there to get me and there isn't a thing I can do.

    You have my sympathy, and I hope you're soon doing better.

  4. findmind

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    Oh, you poor thing! I am so sorry for your 3 bad happenings: broken car, broken tooth, broken ankle...

    No, dear person, I don't think the universe is out to get you, but you have sure made me rethink the adage that bad things happen in threes!

    They were just happenings, and at least they were not ALL on the same day!

    I hope you can find some really restful days now that bunny-hopping is sooooo tiring, and that your rehab will go excellently (is that a word or adverb?)!

    Now's the time: books, movies, nice cool lemonade and tea, maybe even taking up crocheting, scrapbooking or knitting? Not trying to be flippant or sarcastic about your horrible discomfort, just hoping to allow you to look on the brighter side so you heal really well and quickly.

    ...and hey, that dr. may be wrong; you may not ever have pain in that foot...well, let's all hope so!

    Hugs galore, and a dance when you're fully well and hoppin' on both feet!

  5. glenda2

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    myabe something was going to happen at your work or someplace you would have been and it could have been much worse than a broken ankle and GOD made you stay home and off your feet for a better reason.

    i am not saying the broken ankle isnt bad because it is!!! i feel for you. i hope your pain gets better soon. i have not had a broken one but i have had a sprain and that was bad enough so i know you must be in alot of pain. i'm so sorry!!

    just keep looking for the good. i know that is easier said than done. but i keep trying and it does make things better.

  6. akandmk

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    Your life sounds so much like mine. I swear that god loves to give me and my family only a few good days and then BAM everything goes to heck in a handbasket. I haven't written on here a while because my computer mother board died, bills kept pouring in, and we had a lot of rain storms and anyone with FM knows the pain that puts us through.

    Right now my car battery is acting funny and my car won't start like every other time we need to start it. I just found out that the new job my oldest has is a scam called Vector/cutco. And my neurontin isn't working as well as it used to and I that bumble bee feeling in my hands again.

    Hang in there and hopefully god will stop laughing at us and making us his personal joke.
  7. Jana1

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    I can see why we all need a reason for what happens to us, but I HAVE to stand up for God and say I don't believe we are a joke to him.

  8. akandmk

    akandmk New Member

    I didn't mean to insult anyone but this is my personal feeling on it. I am sorry if this makes anyone upest.
  9. Jana1

    Jana1 New Member

    You didn't upset me at all....with all that has happened to you, believe sure seems that it is not a coincidence...but......I just have a different take on God...hugs, Jana
  10. homesheba

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    :)everything happens for a reason, good and bad.
    the tuff part sometimes
    is trying to find out 'why'...

    sometimes i think when something that we think is bad happens to us-
    it s really a 'good thing' from Gods point of view.

    maybe you needed to rest more,
    or you got really protected from something worse,
    maybe a car could have hit you, whatever..
    something like that.

    anyway, thats what i think about
    when stuff happens to me.
  11. Manaleon

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    I get this feeling too. July 12th, I was at my husband's family reunion and I was already nervous about being Dave's 21 year old disabled wife. We get on this staircase to take a family photo and I was 9 stairs up(my husband's tall). As the last person gets on the staircase, the whole thing collapsed. Out of 25, 3 were pretty bad, I was one of the three. I landed so both ankles were under me with more weight on my left side. On the left side, the ankle was badly sprained and scatched up. I had also crushed my big toenail and may still lose it. My little toes were all skinned and my hip and knee bone on that side was bruised. The right side was just a slightly sprained ankle and an unhappy knee. After my husband made sure I was situated, he ran and grabbed my pain killers and made me take two, to try and spare me some pain. Anyways, the paramedics show up and they wanted us three to go by abulance to make sure nothing was broken and get everything clean(I also needed a tetenis shot). Well since the girl that fractured her ankle didn't go by ambulance, my husbands sister convinced us that I didn't need to go, that we could just stop by a hospitol on the way home. If I wasn't in so much shock, I would have gone with the ambulance. We drove to the hospitol by our home and the drive there was very painful in a car and then I had to wait two hours sitting up with the costochondritis flaring. Anyways, it was an ordeal.

    Then for almost a week after, the pain meds were uped and I was stuck in bed. I hated sleeping so many hours and being trapped in the house again. Plus the pain meds agrivated my iritable bowel and I ended up with an anal fissure and bleeding so then I couldn't even sit. Once I got back to water therapy i started to feel better though.

    Now, my hip no longer stays where it belongs; It's always out of the socket. My husband was able to learn how to reset it, but after four times of that today, it dislocates itself after about 20 minutes every time. Of course this means more pain killer, but this time with a laxative chaser.

    I do hope you ankle heals quickly though. The pain sounds aweful. I guess maybe some bad luck is part of this dx?
  12. Honora88

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    I usually see these bad coincidences as a sign to slow down and do as much of nothing as I can so the negative energy can leave my aura. I especially try not to assert my will during these times and just follow where the universe is taking me.

    It may be that you were in a mercury period if you believe in astrology.
  13. KarrinneSleepyhead

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    that occasionally I could get a glimpse of WHY these things happen. At this point, I've accepted it: Yes, I will sit on my butt all summer eating ice cream, and Yes, there is no rush job on fixing the car, which spreads out the time to gather the money to fix it.
    Unfortunately I just want a WHY to these things. Life seems to be coming right along, and BAM, I'm waylaid for no apparent reason. Oh well. Me and my bowl of lime sherbet will sit here and watch movies all afternoon. Could be a worse way to spend the summer. (shrug)

    And in the fall, God willing, I will have my leg back and can enjoy the fall and will have time and energy enough to do a good cleaning on my car inside and out before I go back to work.
  14. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    I remember one time I had everything go wrong including major virus in computer, the list is long.

    I jokingly said that scientists will look back on that day and find that a wave came through the magnetic forces of the earth, kind of like the shift in the plates that cause earthquakes, only this is in the unseen magnetic forces.