Do you ever have days when your meds really hit at the same time ?

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    A few nights ago I took my meds like I always do and with in about 30 minutes I was so dizzy and light headed, struggled to just walk into the kitchen. I have not changed any thing. But since that night my husband has flipped out. I asked to use his truck during the day to pick up my scripts and meds. But he said NO, not after you acted so out of it on Wed.
    I tried to explain that i had taken my meds that it was after 10 pm and I don't drive after dark. But I was informed that he does not trust me to drive his truck due to how I reacted to my meds one night.
    I do get really sleepy in the evening and will doze off. But as I said I can't drive after dark.

    I don't sleep well at night and I think my meds hit me so hard was due to the stress of being stuck at home and no car to get out when I need to go places. I hate to ask for rides as I Live about 7 miles away from my closeset family members.
    So next Wed I need to go to the doctors to pick up my scripts and then take them to the pharmacy , I have to change my pharmacy due to the new pain med I am starting on Wed. So I am transfering all m y scripts to the same pharmaccy. But instead of letting me drive his darn truck during the day light ho urs he has asked our daughter who just moved an hour away from us to come and pick me up and do the errands I need. But she has a sick baby and a sick hubby. And I really don't want her to have to drive that far just to take me uptown when I could use the truck that is sitting in our driveway. DH is afarid that some thing will go wrong with it if I drive it and then I had the reaction to my meds at 10 pm at night and now he won't even think about me driveing his darn truck.
    I am getting so sisck of this house that I could scream and I want out on my terms. I am only going to the doctors to pick up two scripts and then to Walmart to fill them and home again. It should not take me more than an hour to do it all.

    I told him to night taht instead of asking our daughter to drive me into LOgan I would ask my neighbor who said she is willing to drive me to town when I need to go. But he about flipped out and said that if our daughter is not feeling well or the baby is still sick he will got off work early to take me to the doctors office adn to Walmart. I have to be at teh doctors office before 4 pm as it is his day off and the staff leave early that day. His job is an hours drive from our house so he would have to miss at least 2 hours of work and it could be more. All because he does not want me to drive his darn truck.
    But that is my problem I do understand some of his reasons, the truck he drives to work now has a bad tranny and is dying as we speak, my car died while I was driveing it. We dont' have the money to fix it right now and I am not sure it is worth it. I have gone thru so much to keep my driving privlages this last year. Since I take Mscontin and MSIR , soma, visteril, and xanax my doctor was not to thrilled for me to drive. Until I took my daughter with me who works at teh drivers license diveison who explained that IF I could pass my written adn driving test teh divisoin would be ok with my driving and I did just that. I passed the test and the only reason I can't drive at night is due to I made the examiner nervous during the test and I told her that I don't like driving at night due to the darn purple headlights that blind me. But it has been over six months and if I had a car I could take the driving test again adn get to drive at night most likely. But I have not done so because my car died on me.

    I take me meds every night at the same time and nothing was different that ni ght when I felt so woozy and unsure of my steps. I don't knoww why this happened and part of haviang fibro is fatiaque. IF he were to let me drive the truck on WEd and I felt tired or drowsey I would not drive the truck becaseu I don't drive when I feel out of it.

    I would have called my nieighbor and had her drive me instead. I explained this to him and yet he still does not want me to drive HIS truck. What if some thing happened to it when I was driving it and then his other truck 's transsmission died he would be up a creek with out a paddle. I must be a jinx or something.
    IN all the years I have been driving while taking meds I have never gotten a ticket for speeding, drowey driving, reckless driving, I don't drive if I don't feel right, if I am sleepy , drowey, fatiqued or even forgetful I don't drive becasue I don't want some thing to happen when I could have stopped it. I do have a brain even if it is no pain meds, antidepressants and muscle relaxants.
    I take most of my meds at night in hopes that they will help me sleep. I take my moring meds at 7 am every morning and I would not be driving till after two pm in the afternoon. I dont' usually get the drugged feeling from my meds as i have been on them for so long. I don't know wwwwhy it happened this night but it did..
    Help I am going nuts stuck in my house and I have cabin fever so badly that I could scream. MY hubby didn't always be suck a bossy person, and I can't make him understand that his drivng is at more of a risk for problems due to his diebetes and flucationg blood sugars. HE has come home some nights when his sugars are so low that he can't think staright and is onery when his sugars are high too. He dozes off every night while watching TV and for him it is ok but when I do it I am not a good driver and a risk for his truck.

    I lvoe my hubby alot I am so frustrated with him becasue he has to be right always and since I am with out a car right now, I am at his mercy to drive one of his trucks. I am not sure that my old car can be fixed and I am not sure enough of this to offer some money I have saved up for dental work that I could use for my car, I am scared that the problem is not what he thinks it is.And if I Put up the money to fix it and it still is not drivable I will be even more up a creek with out a paddle.
    Thanks for letting me vent at you. I don't want you to think my hubby is all bad he just is struggleing with a new job that he has to drive much further adn the old truck he drives is not the best and could break down any time. HE is usually generous with me. HE treats me wel and makes sure I have the things I need and want. I just can't stand being suck at home all the time.
    Thanks for lettting me vent.
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    Either work too well or not at all. One night on vacation at the beach, my meds hit really hard. I had taken them and then my daughter wanted to sit in the hot tub outside. It was no hotter than a warm bath and I stayed in about 10 minutes. Went to get out and fell out of the tub onto the deck. Now, does anyone think maybe the deck was slippery? Oh, NO! Mom is "drunk on meds" again! I got up the three flights of stairs and into bed okay, but for the rest of the vacation everyone watched me like an owl watching a mouse! I couldn't even walk across the street and sit on the sand dune! Someone might run over me! Hello, I think I know what an oncoming car looks like!

    We have just one car, and here in Alaska we HAVE to drive. Even if the snow is 30 feet (thank God we don't live in Cordova!) after the plow comes, it's business as usual. And with 5 hours of daylight, you'd better plan your chores out to take the least amount of time. I always make sure I take my meds EARLY morning, like about 4 AM, so I can be ready for the dawn dash! And some days they don't do a blessed thing. In fact, I have a little sign that I turn over as soon as I take them, to remind me that I have. And sometimes I go back to the kitchen to make sure and think "What the??? I KNOW I took them!"

    I think stress has a LOT to do with the way they work or their effectiveness. And it sounds like you're under so much pressure. Wish I lived closer so I could take you myself, then get some hot cocoa or go to a movie! Haven't had a girl's day in an eternity!

    Soft hugs,
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    I wish you lived closer as well, I would love a girls night out and going to see a movie. I would love to see Breaking Dawn part 1. But don't have any one to go with me. My oldest daughter works fu ll time Monday thru FRiday and then takes care of my two grandsons ages 4 and 18 months. So her weekends are spent with her hubby and kids. And she lives with my Mom and takes care of her ,she makes all the meals and shops for her all the things I once did when my car was working.

    I had a talk with my hubby and asked him about how much longer it would be before he could fix my car. That is if what he thinks is wrong is what it really is. I am afraid that it will cost more to repair and have other problems that can't be fixed. But I will try to other problems and then I will have a car to drive. WE have worked it out now. I still am a bit frusterated about the whole thing as this truck just sits here at home and no one drives it. But I can understand his feeling that some thing could happen to it's transmission while I was driving as it seems like when I am the one driving the car gets sick and dies on me.

    I don't think it likes me much. I get it that he really needs a vehicle that wwill get him to and from work with out any problems and the one he is driving now has a bad transmisson and could die at any time. So he feels uncomfortabel about me driving it and worries that some thing wil go wrong if I were to drive it. NO it is not rational and he admits that now. He also admits that I am awake more during the day light hours and have been fine to drive . I had to take all my driver license tests last year as I needed to renew it and due to the meds I am on I had to take my written test and drivers test.

    I passed both. But it still took some tlaking from the director to get my rehumy to understand that after she had evaluated me and I had passed the tests that the state would be respondsible if I were to hvae an accident not the doctor, like he thought. SO now I have to have him fill out the papers again adn write him a note reminding him that teh drivers license divison has oked me to drive. And my daughter also works for them so I hvae learned when I feel it is best to drove ad when it is not a good time. Too bad that others don't understand my situation.

    Yes I am under a lot of stress. MY husband just got a new job that is an hours drive from where we live now. With gas prices soon going up the drive is a expensive one . So we are looking for a house to rent in a town that is closer to his work place.

    But that means it is also further away from my Mom whom I hold her medical power of atterney. My sister can't do this job and does not want it. She can only cope with so much and crowds are not her thing. I have been doing this for so long that I kow when she is not feeling well and needs to see her doctor. I am the onle who sits with her when she is in the hospital and does not remeber who she is due to illness or meds. She does not like to be alone adn has told me contless times that I make her feel better by just sitting with her when she is in a strange place like the hospital, she wants me to be there so she can find realitiy easier. and I don't mind sitting with her.
    I don't want to move again as we hvae only been in this tiny house since Spetember and I still have not met many people . For most of the time my middle daughter lived two blocks away so when she went to town she took me with her. Now she has moved an hour away so we both are going thru withdrawls. She now has to wake up Spencer even if he hsa just fallen alseep on teh drive to the store, if she were here she would have picked me up and I would have sat in the truck with him while he slept. But it is a long drive and not possiable to do often. Since she has moved I feel so alone. but I will get over it soon I Hope.
    Now about finding a new place to live I asked my DH if I could have a bigger say in where we lived and what house "WE" find to live in. He has found a great house I think that is really nice but the rent would be higer around $800 a month. But it has 4 bedrooms , a den, a family room and a living room , a master bedrdoom with on suite. shower only in the master bath.But there are two otehre bath rooms with bath tubs that I can soak in if I wanted to. I want the extra room so that I can have a craft room and a guest room. I really hopes that it works out in our favor and the rent is not too high. It will have stairs but then so does this place . Here they are out side and get all mucky when it rains or snows. So living in a sssplit level wiould be fine with me. DH could have his own room to watch TV or work at home in , that would make him happy. It is also only about 15 minutes from my daughters house's right now so if I needed a ride some wher it would be easier to get the help. Wish me luck and pppray that this house will be the right one fror us not too spendy in rent but has the space we want. It has a big back y ard so the grandkids could come and play out side or they could play in teh spare bedroom or family room watching DVD's. But I have to not get my hopes up becasue it may be to spendy for us to afford in rent.

    Thanks again for listening to me vent. I am feeling better. Or at least I was till I went in to the bedroom at 6 am to find taht my hubby had ripped off all the covers , sheets off the king sized bed. He was tossing and turing last night so much thatI could not sleep in the bed with him I kept getting kicked adn the covers ripped off of me. So I changed the sheets and now I am goin to go back to sleep for a few hours. Oh well such is life when you have been married for over 30 years. WE have been married going on 32 years now. I have stuck with him thru good times and bad ones and I will keep being his wife because I love him even when he does not understand all about fibro, arthritis, DDD, MPS and other pain syndromes that I have to deal with.
    Thanks again.
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    Thanks for all the support and advise you give me, It really means alot to me. Since my husband and daughters really don't understand what fibro is and what it does to us, our bodies, having you to tak to helps me as you all know what goes on and how it feels sto have your body go all wonky , achey, just not work right.

    Today was a good day my middle daughter drive from her house in Harrisville to Smithfield to take me into Logan to pick up my scripts from the doctors office and then to the new pharmacy.

    As we were leaving Walmart she said do you want to come home with me and spend the afternoon with Spencer and I. Dad will pick you up on his way home from work. I said What a great idea. We went out to lunch with one of her friends and then drove the hour to her house. She cut my hair for me and I played with Spencer. I had a great time , I miss that baby so much since they moved . So I really enjoyed spending the time with him and Amanda.

    My hubby came and picked me up from her house and much to my surprise he took me to do a drive by of a house he is looking at to rent in Brigham City. It is about 45 minutes from where we live now. It is closer to Odgen where his new job is at. Living in Brigham would cut his cummute in half to about 34-45 minutes each way insead of an hour each way. This is the first time since we moved out of our house in 2010 that he has had me look at a house before he signed the contract.

    The house we looked at is sooo much bigger than what we are living in now and it has a higher rent too. But it is a 4 bedroom home with a big master bedroom with an on suite bathroom , {Shower no tub in master} Then there are 3 other bedrooms and a work shop. It has so many things that I would like in a house to live in , I want a extra room to do my tole painting in and scrapbooking in where I dont' have to put my projects away every time I stop working on it. I also wanted a spare bedroom for guests that want to spend the night. I could even have my Mom come and stay for a week or so. {When I have a car to get her there and back again.} Then there would be an extra bedroom for my hubby to do what he wants in. He could set up his office and watch his TV there if he wants too. But I am not getting my hopes up as the rent could be too high for us to afford. But it looks like a great house from the outside.

    By the time we got home I was pooped out and sat and read a book and watched some TV. Tomorrow evening my hubby is going to take me in to town and pick up my second script that they didn't have in stock today. I have not tried this pain med before. It is still morphine , it is Hydromorphone. I don't know what the difference is from teh MSIR { INstant relase morphine suflate} all I know is that it is a l ower tier on my scropt coverage and will cost me abot $6.00. Unlike the rest of my scripts who are now a tier 3 instead of a tier 2 , last month I paid $5.00 for my scripts and now three of them are going to cost $37.92 - $44.00 depending on the medicatioin. So I may not have to pay so much every month for my meds. I had figured out that it was going to cost me $120.00 a month for the 5 scripts. Now it will be a few dollars less.
    Any way I wanted to let you know that my hubby and I are really working on talking to each other more and listening to what the other says. HE is going to fix my car after the 20th so I will have a car to drive. Thanks so much.
    I was so sleepy when I took my hot bath and now I am WIDE awake. Hope I go to sleep eariler tonight.

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