do you ever want to just scream?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by charlenef, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. charlenef

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    my life has been so frustrating. im now thinking of selling my van i hardly drove over the last year and now i just dont think i will ever be able to again.i am so sick of hurting myself!!!!! even though i keep trying to make myself better i end up worse. my muscles kill me for months at a time when i just turn the wrong way.i just needed to vent. thanks charlene
  2. alaska3355

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    Sorry you are in so much pain. I'm hoping today goes better...

    Say, I saw another post of yours in which you said you lost 70 did you do it? I need to lose some weight! Terri
  3. alaska3355

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  4. kholmes

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    Just kidding.

    I had to sell my truck about a year ago. All I drive these days is an electric scooter.

    Hope your vent made you feel better.

  5. BlueSky555

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    I do! I scream, and scream and scream, for so long that IF my animals could dial 911.........they would!

    Go ahead, vent and scream away!

    Hope you will have a better day tomorrow; start all over again,

  6. charlenef

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    for your responses i had a bad night again and had to go for a echocardiogram this morning. i swear i dont know what i would do without my honey. charlene