Do you feel gouged

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shalala, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Does anyone else feel like some businesses are getting rich off of our misfortune? Is it just me?
  2. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    I think its a shame that doctor's and companies do this kind of thing. I've done enough research to know there is no cure. My dad called me the other week and said there was an advertisement in the newspaper by some doctor's office that said they could cure fibromyalgia. I told my dad thank you, but there is no cure, when there is, I'll be on top of it, but this guy is just out to make money off of people who are struggling physically and financially. Makes me so mad.
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I have been telllllllling my PCP for YEARS that I think I have sleep apnea. Finally she sends me to a Neuro. He is headaches only ... nothing else. Guess what? He thinks I have sleep apnea ... wellllllll DUH!!! $30 extra bucks out of my pocket for something PCP could have done (he referred me a sleep clinic). He would not address any of my other pain issues (headaches only) so now I have to go back to the PCP (another $20) and get sent to a Rheumy and try to get my STD extended (because of 2 wasted weeks due to Neuro) ... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I am really having a rough time right now ... ringing/buzzzzzzzzzzing in head is driving me crazy and I am so dizzy and woozie. I just want to cry today ... I am very down. I am stressed because of these dern DRs running me around and wasting what little money I have and getting STD ext approved. Driving to that clinic (out of my comfort zone and no one to take me)has me really worried. I am seriously afraid I will lose it on the freeway (pass out or have anxiety attack). Weell at least my tax situation looks better. I managed to get that pretty much done. I went ahead and got Turbo tax since I just could not concentrate/focus on the tax forms and instructions.
  4. padre

    padre New Member

    "Woozie" is not a recognized medical term and I am starting a campaign to make it one. When I am really tired or have not slept I feel "woozie."

    When I have told physicians that, they ask, "What is that like?" I say it is like being "car sick". They say "what is that like?" I say "woozie".

    I want to say, "Remember when you were a kid and rolled down a hill to make yourself dizzy. It is feeling like that only not as bad. But it is bad as an adult and you did not roll down anything, just feel that way."

    But I know that they will say, "What is that like?" And I will say, "woo...
  5. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I am really bad tonight (Woo - Zee) and stumbling. I am scared to drive to my appt tomorrow. Maybe I should call my Dad to take me (but it is a 2 hour appt). This ringing is maddening. Did I spell that right? It doesn't look right. If I could stand up I would probably climb the walls ... lol. I wonder if I am having an allergic reaction to Lyrica? Are you Woo-Zee often? Sounds like something you would order at a Chinese Restaurant.

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