do you feel like people think you are just lazy???

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by glittergirl, Feb 21, 2003.

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    do people look at you like they are thinking, you should get off your lazy a-- and just do something?if they only knew it isn't that easy.i do everything i possibly can,it takes me a while sometimes,but i finally get it done ,after many rests,but theres some things ya just can't do.i push myself way too far sometimes,i don't want to be thought of as "lazy".how do you make people undrstand?should you even try to make them understand? any advice on the subject? thanx,glitter
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    When I first got ill I used to worry about that a lot but I seem to have stopped thinking about it as much now. I know I'm not just being lazy and the if the people around me think I'm being lazy that's their problem because they would be wrong.

    I think the secret to it is making peace with yourself on the issue. You KNOW you're not being lazy and eventually that knowledge will be enough.

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    Hi Glitter, yes I know exactly what you mean. Even my family look at me sometimes as if to say aw come on mum you are ok really. I know they are only kids 16, 13 and 10 but I have been ill now for most of their lives and I really dont think they realise! The house is in a right mess most of the time and when they have their friends rounds they look at me as if to say what a lazy bones. She dont do much I can see it in their faces. But I cannot do anything about it. When I have a good day I tend to make up then pay for it so dont win. Sorry to waffle
    Gentle Hugs
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    Yes, I sometimes feel people think I'm lazy. If they could only walk in our shoes for a day or two, they'd know that wastnt true. They would know that I'd give anything to clean and KEEP my house clean like i used to before I got sick. Now I look at it and sometimes I want to cry cause I remember when I had the energy to clean and was proud to have a beautiful home to show when my sons friends or company would come over. Now, it seems if i get laundry done, OH MY thats a good day , everyone will have clean undies to wear lol, or if I cook a meal, (ok this is gonna make me cry now) I feel like I accomplished something . The little things that i can do now, make me feel that ive contributed something to the famiy core and make me feel that im not all worthless. Sometimes i push myself to the limit to "prove" im not lazy, and end up paying for it later. I know my husband and family say they KNOW im not being lazy, and that i'm ill and cant do things the way i used to, but sometimes i feel , what if underneath all their words, they really do FEEl im lazy and just dont want to say anything. I guess this is really MY problem, my self esteem on the line, maybe they do know im not lazy, but perhaps im trying to prove to myself that im still worth something. Its hard. I do know tho, that other people who dont know me well, do think that, because i look "fine", i look "good" on the outside, so why shouldnt i "feel" fine if i look fine. Its something im learning to work thru, that my self worth is not measured by what i can or cant do on a daily basis but for the person that I am on the inside.
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