Do you get boils under your breasts, armpits and other places?

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    A few weeks ago, (after my husband took a side shot of my boob (GG, so believe me, it was not a sexy pose!), of a boil that was under my boob. So, as you do, I posted it on my Facebook group for people with FM...and right away someone said, 'I know exactly what this is HS!' Basically -blocked sweat glands. It ended up that I went to the doctor who put me on antibiotics...and it eventually cleared up...but there is a new one on it's way. I am very much to blame for this under my boobs...because I was putting powder under them during the summer to stop the sweat. Well, it did that alright...and much more. Here is a link about it - as apparently a lot of doctors assume it is a boil...and guess what? It goes hand in hand with Fibro! Woo hoo!
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    This is called Hidradenitis-Supportiva...blocked sweat glands. It took a week, and 2 people, twice daily to get the stuff out of my back...and that included using magnesium sulphate to draw. Eventually, (TMI!) they pulled out what I can only discribe as a 'cork'. Thank gosh it wasn't on my face as apparently they can happen there - particularly if you are wearing foundation that blocks your pores. Lovely!