Do you get Post External Fatigue with Lyme Only?

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    I'm trying to figure out if I may have just lyme and nothing else. It seems odd that Lyme would have post external fatigue, I would thingk your levels fatigue would be more even than someone with CFS.

    Am I correct, inforrect? Thanks for answers. I'm doing really bad so it might be awhile before I get back
  2. victoria

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    the answer is certainly yes, you can get post-exertional fatigue, as it can cycle. There is much more you can catch from a tick as well. Lyme hides out in the body, a person can go for years without knowing they have it, it can also lay low inside your tissue cells without wreaking havoc.

    I also answered your question on the main board, in a little more detail... but please look at my posts here, especially the one about all the different infections ticks carry. These are stealth pathogens, many/most can cross the blood/brain barrier, go anywhere in the body it likes... depends on your genetic weaknesses as well as the pathogen.

    Learning about tick infections is a real education in itself - 95% of vector born diseases (caused by insects) are from ticks in fact! West Nile Virus only accounts for about 2%, amazing we've all heard more about that than anything else!

    I'd go more into detail but don't have time right now, I'm sure you'll get more replies... but also take a look at the posts here, they're all very informative.

    all the best,


    LISALOO New Member

    Thank you for your answers!

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