Do you have a Select Comfort Bed

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  1. Pegeo-Pat

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    I am in the process of purchasing a select comfort bed and wanted to know which model of the select comfort bed you have and what you think of it, I can't decide between a 5000 or a 7000, and do you know if they are tax deductable.

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  2. Bellesmom

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    loved whichever one she tried but since none of us can afford them I guess we'd love to take whichever model they'd loan us (lol).

    Sorry - I don't even know anyone who has one but will put this answer in so you will get bumped to top again. Hope you get an answer!!

  3. karen55

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    I bought one for her for combination birthday/Christmas/this-covers-anything-you-get-all-year in Dec. 2001. I got it because she has slight scoliosis and a back injury from an auto accident. She loves it. Heck, *I* love it! She has the full size, but with the single controls. I wish I could afford a kingsize one with dual controls for my hubby and me.
    As for the model, I have no clue, but I can tell you it is NOT the most expensive.
    It is, however, THE most comfortable bed I've ever tried.

  4. judywhit

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    I really hated the thing. My hubby likes his side firmer, I like mine softer. the select comfort bed will make you both happy right! Well, not. If you are a snuggler forget about it! Hubby way in the air, I am in a hole. Just did not work for us. It felt like my back was bowed in a hammock effect. We purchased the model that was 2 models down from the most expensive. I have friends that bought the model one up from ours who love theirs. It is very expensive to mail back too. If you do get one on day 25 if you are not fully convinced you love it call them and they will extend the time one more month for you. We had ours for two months and I was convinced that it was not for me. But, hubby loved it (of course by that time I was sleeping in the spare room) for a single person think it would be good.
  5. Pegeo-Pat

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  6. healing

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    We love ours. I can't imagine life without it. We have a king-size, dual-control bed. Some days I like it softer, some days firmer, and it's nice to be able to adjust. We do not have the same snuggle problems as the other person, above, had, but then my hubbie and I like our sides fairly close in pressure -- within 10#.

    One very nice thing is that when one of us is restless and gets up in the middle of the night, it doesn't disturb the other.

    Expensive - yes. But, to my mind. worth every penny. It has really, really helped my aches and pains.
  7. dhcpolwnk

    dhcpolwnk New Member

    I have a Visco-elastic memory foam pillow and more recently bought a memory foam mattress topper, which goes on top of our Spring Aire mattress. While this hasn't completely resolved my pain or sleep problems, I'm much more comfortable in bed now than I was before. And the mattress topper (which I ordered through Costco Online) was *much* cheaper than a memory foam mattress or, for that matter, than similar memory foam toppers sold elsewhere. I'm pretty happy with it, and my husband finds it comfortable, too.

    --Laura R.M.
  8. Pegeo-Pat

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  9. Lanie

    Lanie New Member

    We bought it thru QVC and they have their own special model that is great. We bought it on their easy pay plan and we love it. I feel much better in the morning. The snuggling thing is a bit different because you can feel the divider in the center of the mattress but not bad and we both are thrilled with our bed.

    Check out QVC site. They have it as a todays special value every now and then.

    Good luck,
  10. annette1

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    We purchased a select comfort a few years ago. At first, it helped. But, after a few months I got to the point that I cannot sleep on it without waking up stiff and miserable. My husband likes it. I would rather sleep on the couch! Not a good thing for a mariage already under stress. I hope you have better luck.
  11. kgg

    kgg New Member

    We have one. My husband likes it better than I do. I do sleep better than the old mattress. I do wish we had got the thickest pillow top. We even got my son one that was refurbished and it was less expensive. It is more for me, "you don't know what you got til its gone". When I sleep on a regular mattress now it is not comfortable and I can't wait to get back to my own bed.
  12. katemate

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    I don’t know much about the Select. We have a Tempurpedic. We’ve tried air, water, springs, but this is the one that seemed to be the most comfortable in the long-run. That and their pillows. There are just a lot less points of resistance with this type of mattress, it conforms to your body for less tossing and turning (which seems to make a lot of sense) and has the memory to bounce back, so no lumps or depressions after time. I guess it was developed originally for NASA and I know the VA uses them. We did a lot of research on it and bought from for the free shipping.

  13. sbarb

    sbarb New Member

    We've had our Select Comfort (King, Untra)for 6 years now and I was just diagnosed with FM last year (althought that may have been why I could no longer sleep on my side on our old mattress). I wouldn't trade it for anything and neither would my hubby. Yes, there is a little bit of a bump in the middle of it where the two separate air chambers meet, but that doesn't bother us at all. We also sleep withing a 10 pound pressure range of each other, so we don't have the high-low issue I guess. I think one of the biggest pluses mentioned on the boards is that no matter how restless the other person is, you don't feel their movement or getting up and down - although the only restlessness in the last six years was in the worst of my pre-diagnosis months before I had meds. My mom is on her second one (had to go from a King to a queen when she went into an apt). She has a really bad back, actually several compression fractures last year, and could never have slept on a regular mattress.

    I guess we just fall into the love-it side of the debate. Hope that helps...

  14. Kurt

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    I have the queen size 7000. I think it is was of the best thing I have ever purchased. However, they are really expensive! :( In my opinion, they are a little overpriced. And, as somebody said earlier, it is not a cuddle type of bed at all. (Unless you both have the same sleep number) BUT...I really do love my bed!

  15. Pegeo-Pat

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    I want to thank all of you for taking the time to let me know about your experiences with the Select Comfort Bed..As you know they are more higher priced then what I would normally would want to pay for a mattress.. but if it would just take the numbness and burning away it will be worth it...
    After reading all the messages posted it has helped me to

    Thanks Again!
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  16. Megster

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    I have a select comfort bed, but really don't like mine that much. Still have problems with numbness/stiffness/pain, though I don't know if any bed would help that much. I know I sleep better on it than any regular mattress, but seems like the temprapedic would have been even better. My husband got me the Cuddlewe (sp right?) underquilt, and that has made it a bit better.

    Of course, this may be coming too late to encourage you to look into something else, but thought I'd try...

  17. charisma1973

    charisma1973 New Member

    Waterbed?! We have a waterbed, but it has a pillow top and it is quite firm. You never know it is a waterbed by looking at it. It is really even pretty hard to tell when laying on it. I really have enjoyed it-with the heat turned up it is like sleeping on a giant heating pad.

    I might like to try the select comfort would probably work for us since I don't like to cuddle. Those days were nice, but who can cuddle with leg cramps?