Do you have allergies and cfs/fm??

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  1. skychomper

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    hi everybody,

    do you have allergies with your cfs or fm?
    and has treatment- allergy shots, helped you?

    I've recently been to an immunologist, and it turns out I've got strong allergic reactions to some things. he says it is probably due to the switch in the immune responses (th1/th2)

    I have no symptons of allergies, but I come up positive in the skin testing. He wants to continue with the skin testing and treat the allergy issue in my health. he says that although I have no synptoms it is affecting my body internally. The thing is that I passed out on the 24 subcutaneous shot of whatever allergy. It took me about three days to get back to my normal low level functioning and I feel that maybe I need to get stronger before I can endure more testing, or getting shots in my arm every week or month on top of the cfs stuff.

    I feel like if allergies were my only issue, I could handle it, but injecting allergens into my cfs body is not going down so well. maybe it was just a bad day for this testing since my BP was 90/50

    can anyone share some of their experiences with me in allergy world, or offer some advice? curious about some natural therapy that can calm my body down allergy-wise
    thanks everyone.

    peace to all!

  2. pam_d

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    I have had allergy shots about 5 times before, & am taking them again now.....the reason for so many trials, is that I've lived all over the US, and am allergic to so many things in each climate----every time I move, I have to start over with certain things!

    I know there are folks on this board who don't like them---and that makes sense, we are all such individuals with different sensitivities. But, speaking personally, I love them & find them enormously beneficial. The last time I did them, I was in CA----did three years of them, and literally never sneezed again (I'm not kidding!) after being constantly congested, sneezing literally a hundred times a day, and plagued with chronic sinus infections due to being so swollen from allergies. I moved last year to KS, and am doing them again (different allergens here in the midwest). I move at my own pace-----you want to get up to a maintenence level, but you can go very slowly if you need to. During my "bad allergy months" of the year, I don't even try increasing the strength periodically, I just stick with the same dose; my allergist works with me on this & doesn't try to push it too much. At least at my allergist's office, there are NO preservatives in the shots. I also have severe food allergies which my new allergist clued me in to. I was like you on that one----no symptoms, or so I thought, of food allergies. Didn't realize how much years of undetected food allergies played a role in my immune system being hammered, & subsequently getting FM! Now I'm trying to repair that damage.....

    Anyway, good luck to you.....
  3. skychomper

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    thanks so much for sharing your story with me.

    I also have trouble with sinus infections-eye pain, headaches....Im glad that you were able to find relief with the shots. thanks for giving me the tip about preservatives too! cheers!

  4. Plantscaper

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    I think, from what you said, that you may be like me in that I never was able to tolerate the allergy shots, and synthetic antihistamines did me no good..

    So, I went a more natural route and found Quercitin/Bromelain as a natural very effective antihistamine..Also, please read my posting on Discussions of Improvement on Olive Leaf Extract..Until, just recently, I had had numerous sinus infections/migraines/numerous allergies and after using the OLE, all of that is gone...I could not even go outside during this time of year, without getting a migraine..had to stay in filtered air during spring/summer/fall..

    Also, if you need nutrition guidance for allergies, the book, Prescriptions for Nutritional Healing, Balch comes highly recommended and has other suggestions on our other DDs, too..

  5. nina

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    I can very much relate to having severe seactions with the skin tests (intradermal) and being able to go home that night and est those foods. I actually posted a similar topic as you did because it doesn't make sense. However I do have anaphylactic reactions to known food groups and have had all my life. I have different explanations from the allergist. The main one being that even intradermal tests are not 100% reliable, but are apperently better than scratch tests and IgE bloodwork. The other one being that the body is constantly changing (!) Not quite objective enough info for me.

    I have been going to him 1x a week for 4 months and get an average of 5 foods tested at once. He is patient and even lets me decide which foods to do on a particular test. I wouldn't dare get 24 foods done at once. I doubt I would be here today if I had.

    I had 7 years of allergy shots for hayfever during my teens. It helped with that part of my immune system enormously. People always thought I was sick and I never knew what it was like to not sneeze an average of 200x a day (yes I used to count them).

    And allergies may be your only issue. I have found quite a lot of info linking late onset (type II and III) allergies to the beginnnings of organ dysfunction and chronic disease processes. I have at least 18 mysterious symptoms including left sided weakness and muscle wasting that has not been explained by any specialist. Furthermore, the "diagnoses" of FM or CFIDS has not been made. I tell people I have it as it is almost the easiest way to describe things. If you are interested I will send you some websites

  6. Manwithfibro

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    I tried allergy shots even small amounts and the FM flared everytime. Finally gave up.

    Hope your experience is better.