Do you have daily routines that make you feel better?

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    I have had fibro since 2000 and they horrible symptoms lasted for several years. I am 33 now. I take Tramadol, Tylenol Arthritis pain, and a supplement my mom gave me.

    I would appreciate some suggestions. I got up this morning and made some herbal tea and decided to challenge myself to do a load of laundry and get on here to ask this question.

    What routines do you have that might make you feel better? Getting up at the same time, what you eat, some sort of exercise, going to the mailbox, making yourself rest for x amount of time, etc. Please share.

    As an aside I do not eat all day long due to fear of gaining weight. Does that make it worse? What things are good for fibro to eat?

    PLEASE HELP, I AM MISERABLE. My husband is a PT and he believes fibro is a psychiatric issue. So, I get no sympathy and he makes me feel guilty for resting. I don't work so I do it while he is gone. Just need some advice on ways to help myself.

    Thanks, you all have always been great over the years when no one else cared.
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    I have ME/CFS in addition to fibro, and in 5+yrs I have yet to establish a good & lasting routine, bc every time I think I have done so, my body changes how it responds, or my sleep wake cycle changes, or I get new symptoms, or I have a flare, or I can't help you out much with that. Anyway, from what I have read/heard everyone seems to respond (even to fibro w/o ME/CFS) in different ways as to daily routines. It seems that you just have to try different things and keep track of how your body responds, then adjust accordingly.

    One suggestion, though is that a daily log (even a very simple one) can help a lot with this. I have done this and even on my worst days, I at least mark down how much activity I've had and rank ( from 1 - 10) how exhausted I am and how much pain I'm in. Even with my body constantly changing the rules, this still helps I can look back over the last few days/weeks and see a general trend....and it helps to prod my memory when I see my Dr.

    Another thing I wondered is if your husband is willing to read anything about fibro. There is a lot of research out there proving that it is a very real, very physical illness, and there are a few other helpful things, too, like "The Spoon Theory" and a letter from my illness (or something to that effect) that really explain what it is like to live with fibro and otehr similar illnesses. I can't look for them rt now as I am having to really limit my time online at the moment due to fun visual/headache/nausea/etc effects from the computer, but some of these have been posted on here and you could probably find them thru the search feature, or maybe someone could repost them. Also, the butyoudontlooksick website has some helpful stuff, inc the spoon theory, and the pro health library has a lot of good factual stuff.
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    I'm sorry to hear that your DH is unsympathetic. It's possible that when he did his degree, the ruling dogma WAS that fibro was a psychiatric problem.

    Perhaps he'd be interested in keeping up with the research? -- See Neuroendocrine Dysfunction in Fibromyalgia and Migraine // Current Pain and Headache Reports, 09/17/09

    He should be able to retrieve it from the Med Library at your local hospital.

    Sorry, I'm not answering your question about helpful routines. Generally, less stress is helpful. Having to live a "double life," -- which is sort of what I'm reading between the lines with what you described, is stressful.

    It would be so much better for you, and the marriage, if both you & DH were on the same page!

    Learn all you can about fibro. Some of us have made significant strides in reducing our (unmedicated) pain levels.

    Best wishes.
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  4. Bruin63

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    every day, i think of as my excerise,

    i have cats and they need looking after, and a babydog, who also has needs, that won't wait.

    i do house chores, like sweep floors, hubby put in wood floors, and got rid of my rug,s so that makes the job easier, with my v shaped dirt devil.

    i also do dishes, i soak them in hot, hot soapy water, and then risnse them again in hot water, i do wear gloves, which helps,
    my dishwasher broke, 3 years ago, but i do enjoy do the few we have.
    everyone rinses their plates, etc, real good, or they had to do the dishes,


    i also do laundry and i enjoy ironing, my hubby needs to look neat for his work, and it gives me a good excerise for my right arm, i've had a couple of torn rotator cuffs, so that keeps the muscles from athroping on me.

    hope my spelling isn't to bad, my meds are kicking in, yeah.

    i should mention that i do these things when i'm on my med.s and not in any flares.

    my hubby does the shopping, and whatever else i need.
    took a long time for him to figure out, that he couldn't fix me,
    so he tries to make things easier.

    we do have some good fights, sometimes, because he forgets that i have these dd's.
    but a day or two without me doing his laundry, takes care of that, lol.

    he does try, which he didn't do for years, i was dx's on his birthday, 9 years ago, made him think about , and i also gave him copies about fms/cmpd, so he could see, that i did have limitions/

    i also bought the book by dr. devin starland, and she also has a great website, with print outs for families and friends, and caregivers.
    best investment so far.

    take care and dont overdo, for anyone, they don't have the pain you do.


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