Do you have frequent urination and muscle twitching?

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    As a CFS patient, I found during two different parts of my life time I had frequent urination and muscle twitching. Muscle twitching (also called Muscle fasiculation) seems to be a VERY COMMON symptom of CFS/Fibromyalgia. Also common in CFS/Fibro is frequent urination. I found a superfood that helped me cope with this!!

    I found that eating lots of parsley, DID WONDERS. This is what it did: the frequent urination and muscle twitching went away. It also makes urine more yellow and one is able to hold one's bladder when the urine has more color to it, and parsley is a diuretic and a cleanser of the kidneys. Eating lots of parsley produced high energy. As to how much to eat, that would be your decision if you decided to try this too. It's just a food and you have to determine what is right for you. I'm not a doctor.

    I have had CFS for a number of years and would like to share what has helped me.

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    Newly diagnosed. One of my symptons I put down on Rheumatologist's symptoms was twitching muscle cramps. I've had cramp, twitch here & there, it disappears then occurs somewhere else. Wierd but I'm leaning about FM. I had days where it puts me down asleep for a few hrs. So unpredictable. Since you've had FM for quite a few yrs, any other tips & tricks would be so appreciated. Thanks! Connie Sue