Do you have high cholesterol

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  1. Shazzy

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    Hi all,

    I was wondering if this illness effects our cholesterol level. I am told mine is 7.
    Is yours high?
    Does anybody know how bad it has to be before you have to take meds for it.

  2. kredca4

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    I have just started the Liptor, although I take it every other day, because, it makes my Tummy very sick, so by doing it that way, it dosen't bother me to much.

    I eat a Low fat diet, have for about 7yeas now, if you call what I eat eating, lol.
    That;s why I was surprised to find that my Cholosterol is high, forgot the number's already, but they are giving me my Latest test's result's the next visit. I keep copies for myself now.

    Hope your doing well, and I'll talk to you later, by E.
    have some websites for you, ;o)

    God Bless you,
  3. Mikie

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    It's carbs which cause insulin resistance which then causes cholesterol to go up. In some cases, it's genetic and requires medication, but the side effects of the medication are strokes and heart attacks. Isn't that why one takes the meds in the first place? To avoid strokes and heart attacks?

    Low-carb diets often reduce cholesterol. Mine went from 191 to 168 after losing 24 pounds on a low-carb/high-protein diet. Natural fats do not increase cholesterol. The Atkins, SomerSize, and Syndrome X diets have shown this to be true.

    Love, Mikie
  4. kredca4

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    well according to some of my research on why mine is high, I found this info;

    "A steroid-like chemical present in some foods, notably animal fat's, eggs and dairy products."
    "An overhigh level of cholesterol in the blood is associated with atherosclerosis, and excess cholesterol in the bile, may cause Gallstones. However, some amount of cholesterol in the body is necessary fo healthy functioning."

    I also found where not having a Gallblader can also contrubute to Higher Cholesterol. I lost mine back in 1990. It's only been recently that mine has gone up.
    I think with excerise, and trying to eat a few more Veggie's, ones that don't make me sick, will help.

    Right now all I eat is Chicken, Carrot's and cherry pie, once in awhile I will have aPizza, all Pineapple topping on my side. So I don't think it's my diet, causing the problem.

    I'll look forward to my next Blood test, eek's did I say that?? To see if my changes will help to lower the Cholesterol. Hope so.

    Changes, that I am going to try,
    Watch what I eat, like my caloric intake by eating as many foods as I can, that are low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

    I'm trying to eat at least 5 serveings of Veggies or fruit, this will be hard due to my IBS. Let's not go there. lol.

    Eating Cereals, breads. pasta, wholegrain food's alson with fish, or leaner cut's of meat. I can eat the Chicken , but without the skin. I cook lean meat's for the hubby.

    I already drink 1% milk as suggested, I do maintain a Healthy weight, and I now am the proud owner of an excerisecycle. Which I do use, get for watching TV or yacking on the phone.

    I know that some of my Med's maybe also causing the problem.
    I did investiagte Lipator, before I decided to try it, so we shall see what happens.

    In the meantime, research goes on, I do have an inquiring mind, which never seem's to rest.

    Try the American heart association website, great info there, as well as other site's I found.
    Good luck Shazzy, hope we both see some changes,

    BTW this site sells a product called PoliChol, and I'm hoping that I can try it down the road,.
    God Bless you,
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  5. Wingingit

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    I truly believe there is a connection!
    I have never had a cholesterol problem until this DD struck a couple of years ago.
    Blood tests a year ago showed my LDL to be higher than normal, but my Triglycerides were through the roof!
    The doc told me all of the usual stuff...get more exercise,eat low fat diet (which I already had been very concious of in the past).
    One thing I became more conscious of was the type of margarine I was buying. I wasn't using it much on foods, but I use it a fair amount in baking. After doing some reading, I realized that I should be buying only margarine that is non-hydrogenated and contains no more than 2 gm. of saturated fat per tablespoon. These margarines are never the cheapest, but the difference in price is well worth the benefits.
    I also started taking flax seed oil daily. The fibre and fatty acid in flax seed has awesome cholesterol controlling power. Flax seed can be bought at bulk stores and can be used in baking or sprinkled on cereal. It does tend to cause some gas and bloating. I chose to take mine in capsule form because of this and it's not a problem.
    I have also increased my Omega-3 fatty acids by eating more tuna and salmon.
    For a daily snack, I eat a handful of plain almonds, walnuts or peanuts (also excellent cholesterol reducers).
    The result? At last blood test, both my LDL and my Triglycerides have dropped considerably. The doctor was stunned (he's not an advocate of supplements and pushes meds as the answer to everything).
    There are many other foods which are not only low in fat, but that actually have been proven to aid in lowering cholesterol when eaten regularly (including grapefruit, grape juice,and oatmeal)These are just a few suggestions...I was a I am a believer.