Do you have home loan from Rural Development? Need info please.

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    I have a loan from here,formerly called fha loans.Supposed to be for low income people. That's a laugh. They didn't tell me that every time the ins. and taxes go up so will the pmt. My ins. has gone from 234. the first year to 1000 in the 5th year. This is my first house so I didn't think about that. House pmt is now 435. month which might not be much for some but when you make only 1000 per month and have other bills also it's killing me.Plus I drive out of town to my job and we all know about the gas deal.

    So I know I'm gonna end up losing it soon. I worked hard,before I got sick, to buy it and it just makes me sick to know I'm gonna lose it.

    Here's ny question. If I have to cut back on work and don't have as much income coming in what happens. Will they lower them or will I just get behind. When I got the loan I quailfied for supplemental assistance and it was a certain amt they paid. The more income I earn the less they pay. Even though my income hasn't gone up that much,they don't want you to earn an extra dime I guess. If you do they want it. What can I do. If I cut back how do I tell them and ask them to raise the assistance since I'm not able to work full time anymore. It's getting to that soon. I've already ask to be cut down from 5 days in a row to 2-3 in a row at one time. Any suggestions will be helpful.

    Thank You, Keke