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  1. rick31797

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    About 2 years ago, my back became senstive to felt like a sunburn..MY shirt would hurt me and the bed..I tryed alot of pills and ended up taking Percocett and it help not 100% but good enought..
    I went from there to 30MG oxycontin every 12 hrs...About 2 days ago the burning is back and sensive touch...I am really upset..I cant figure out why, 30 mg every 12 hr cant do it anymore.
    I increased the dosage to 40 mgs and it will control it but i so high , i hate this feeling also..
    The burning is intermitant, through my back arms, legs ,and the sensitve to touch is my back, and sides and chest and legs...If the bed sheet has a wrinkle in it i feel it..I have put alot of sponge on the bed to help..I have heard Nerontin will take care of burning pain..I was on 1800 mg once and didnt notice anything...I am so upset and the pain just gets worse when this happens...I thought my pain days where resolove,
    Could this be a flair-up i am hoping and how long does a flare up last???
    I hate this illness...this is the worse....
    Any suggestions will be appresciated...
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  2. tandy

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    I get that too. Even my clothes touching my skin hurts!!
    And my lil guy who's 10,will come rub my back(thinking that he's helping)I can't even stand to be touched!its really sensitive! I almost think that this symptom was one of my first to show up.(11 yrs ago)
    Take care....
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    and I was started on Neurontin, but found I just couldn't tolerate the way I felt while on it. I take other meds for pain, which help, but nothing has taken this type of pain away for me. I have learned to live with it and my friends and family no longer ask where my pain is when I complain. They know it is everywhere!
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    Neurotin helps me and I was once on 160mg of oxy a day. I take 600mg 3xday, I take other meds to, like lortab, zanaflex, buspar. Usually the pain goes away in a few days, but sometimes longer. A hot shower helps me. I am real foggy right now so I will write more later.
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    I guess what scares the hell out of me , is if there will be a day i cant control the pain, for me i couldnt live like that...I guess I cant take the pain like some people can..Kadywill I dont know how you can do it, but it's great you can.
    I find the burning and the pain take my mind over, i cant do anything...IF i get in a bath with hot water, then the hot water cancell's out the pain...but i cant live in the bathtub...And i would get no sleep , it would keep me awake forever..
    Neurotic Nurse, i am not sure what started this, one day i woke up at 4 am and the bed was hurting me, i couldnt figure it out for awhile...Then the burning came and the sensitive skin and i knew there was something going on...My very first symtom was leg weakness, but it was gradual and at first i thought i just walked to much...Once the pain and burning came , then like i said i knew something wasnt right..Took 6 yrs to find out i have CFS/FM. I was leaning towards MS, becuase my Cousin has MS and has alot of the same Symptoms, but her pain isnt the same, no burning pain.
    I guess i wish i knew what was happening in my back and sides when there is sensitivity and burning..I keep thinking is it inflammation,in the muscles or is it the nerves..I know when you get up set and burning gets worse and then sometimes it will feel like hot pin pricks in my arms and back, intermitantly.Alot of the Doctors i have seen just dont know or dont seem to care. they more-less have the additude, that you have it so live with it.I may try the Neurotin,again sometime,but think i should maybe leave well enough alone..Doctor's dont like to prescribe Oxycontin for pain, some still dont think FM is that pain-full.They are more concerned about there Licence, that keeping you as pain free as posible..

    Thanks Rick
  6. tansy

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    Think you've highlighted something significant here.

    When this type of pain was at it's worst my imuune system felt like it was going OTT. Blood tests showed higher levels of white blood cells too.

    I never did find anything that really helped, but as I entered a more chronic stage of my illness it became, and remains, a less frequent problem.

    It could also be pure nerve pain but that tends to be more localised.

    Hope it settles down soon.



  7. Lynda B.

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    These days it seems we have a million ads on TV for various types of beds.

    I switched to a waterbed because a regular mattress was so uncomfortable and painful to wake up to in the morning.

    Now they have those sleep number beds and other things like that. Might be worth a try. I wish you the best.

    Lynda B.