Do You Have Pain? ROLL WITH IT Try the Miracle Balls

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    This method of pain relief has been brought up before, but it has been a long time ago, and some of our new members may be interested.

    "The Miracle Ball Method" is one way to attack hip, back, and foot pain, as well as relieve tension headaches and neck and shoulder stiffness.

    The Miracle Balls are two small-to-medium size soft balls that come with a book of instructions on how to use them to relieve pain--it shows dozens of illustrations on how to use them for the area of your body which hurts.

    The balls and book are about $18. I ordered mine from a year or two ago. Sometimes, I just put them behind my back in my recliner and move around every which way for them to massage my back where it hurts, or stand up against a wall or door and put the balls behind me and move around for them to massage. I can't get down on the floor to do a lot of the recommended ways. Or, you can sit in your chair and take your feet and roll them around to help your feet.

    Some people use tennis balls for the same thing; however, I find that the tennis balls are too hard on my skin and sore spots and hurt me.

    These are also available by calling 1-800-649-6846, or go to to order. Just refer to "The Miracle Ball Method." You could also do a Google search and see where else they are sold to check the differences in prices. I know they are also sold at Barnes and Noble book stores.

    I really like mine!


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