do you have painful burning skin

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  1. Spacey

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    I get this a lot, especially at night. It, burns and hurts a lot. Do you get this and have you found anything that helps? Thanks . Spacey
  2. elliespad

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    Yes, I frequently get that extremely sensitive, burning skin. I have found if I take Turmeric (the HERB, not the spice) 3 capsules throughout the day, it clears up in about 1 day. I am guessing it is caused by a herpes virus but who knows. Just know the Turmeric works and I am grateful.
  3. Spacey

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    Thanks for answearing! I will try that. If any one else has any suggestions please reply! Thanks
  4. msbsgblue

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    My percocet helped in WA now I moved home to MO and they took my pain meds away.
  5. mbofov

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    It sounds like it might be a neurological problem. Have you had your B12 levels checked? B12 deficiency can cause neuropathy, different forms of nerve damage. My sister who is a vegetarian was having various symptoms, including numbness, tingling and pain sometimes. She has crappy insurance, no money for testing. Vegetarians are notorious for being deficient in B12, she started taking a potent B12 supplement in additon to her regular vitamins and her symptoms disappeared.

    Many people with CFS are deficient in B12, so you might want to look into this.

    We also tend to be deficient in stomach acid, which can lead to a B12 and other deficiencies.

    Has your doctor done any testing?

  6. Spacey

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    yes, I'm pretty sure it's neurological. I've had so many tests done, I hardly bother going to the Doctor anymore, except mainly for refills. It just seems useless. Thanks again, I will gladly accept all responsis. Thanks Spacey
  7. debilyn

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    I get the burning skin almost every day, especially in the evenings/night. I haven't found anything that helps, though.

    I made the mistake once of trying that topical cream, Capsacin (sp?); that just made my skin burn more.

    If feels like my skin is sunburned almost; I get it mostly on my arms, upper back, and neck. Sometimes, I'll get it on the fronts and/or backs of my legs too.

    I often feel I have three types of pain: 1) deep pain in my joints; hurts when I move; my fingers, toes, knees and hips are the worst; 2) body aches all over like I have the flu; and 3) the burning skin pain.

    I'm going to keep checking this thread to see what helps :)

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  8. Nanie46

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    I urge you to look at the symptom list on pages 9-11.....print it and fill it out if you can.

    Many symptoms usually means a chronic borrelia burgdorferi infection and common coinfections like babesia, bartonella and ehrlichia.
  9. wyndi

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    We used to call this fibrobugs. Some folks described it as feeling like little bugs were crawling under the skin. Some describe it as a burning sensation.

    I do not get them as much as I used to. However, do still get them periodically, usually followed by a very active day and little water intake. Sometimes Benedryl or generic version will help.

    I do not take any prescription meds so can't offer advice in that area. As I noted to another member, I've done all the med trials and found the side effects less than desireable. I was just trading one problem for another....but, that's just my system.

    I also did all of the herbs and just went broke! My meds consist of a homemade pain pill when absolutely necessary in order to sleep. The recipe is equal amounts of Extra Tylenol (generic) and Advil. Example: 1 Tablet Tylenol and 1 Tablet Advil Taken at the same time, but never more than 2 Tylenol and 2 Advil at a time. One is an anti-inflammatory and the other is a pain reliever. Works for me. My daughter was given the dosage by a pharmacists for her female issues.

    I would also suggest that when you feel this, do something to bring more blood circulation to that area. Example: If in the legs, then while laying in bed, simply flip your feet up and down as though you are swimming on your back.
    I forgot to add, that deep breathing is also helpful. Taking deep breaths through the nostrils and forcefully blowing the air back out through the mouth, repeating 5-10 times is helpful for circulation. But will not bring immediate physiological relief.
    Hope this helps.
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  10. Jayna

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    because it burns like that sometimes.

    It often occurs when I have been dehydrated to the point of constipation. I think it's my body trying to get rid of excess toxins through sweat, but I'm an inefficient sweat-er at the best of times.

    I wash the skin with baking soda and warm water as soon as it starts, apply a light moisturizing cream to any part that seems dry or more than ordinarily sensitive, and repeat every half hour or so until it clears up. Sometimes it's not necessary to repeat at all.
  11. Janalynn

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    I had terrible burning skin on my arm about 8 yrs ago. I could almost draw an outline of where it was. It was the whole inside of my left arm going down into my hand. It felt like I had acid spilled on my skin. Air hurt it.

    I went to the Dr. and he thought I was in the early stages of MS. I saw a neurologist, had nerve conductor test done. All normal. Fast forward to 3.5 yrs ago and being diagnosed w/Fibro, my rheumatologist said it could very well have been one of 'my' weird Fibro symptoms.

    Definitely could be something else for you. Check it out for sure!
  12. Doober

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    But for me, it feels like a sunburn on like the second day of healing. Hurts when clothes rub against it but when you press on it the pain is no different than the regular feeling.

    This happens to me just about every single day around mid-afternoon to early evening. Lastgs about 2 hours and then goes away.

    Sometimes I would feel like I had a low grade fever, but if I were to take my temperature reading, it would be normal.

    At this point I am used to it and I did mention something to my rheumy, but he blew it off with his standard reply "Oh, just a part of your Fibro" which is why I stopped saying some things because I know the response.

    My fear is that when something does happen, it will have to be massive and drastic enough for me to go to the ER in order to get a better answer..
  13. helen41

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    interesting thread. I have ME/CFS, I don't believe I have Fibro, but I sure get burning skin! It happens at night, I can't have blankets on, I'm about the least pleasant person to share a bed with, because the slightest touch is unbearable. For me it seems to be directly related to PEM, the kick-back from overexertion. As long as I rest enough, I can keep it under control.
  14. Pansygirl

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    I get this off and on. I notice it more when I've over done myself. I have not
    found anything that helps it. I have it right now in fact ~ my shoulders, arms,hands,
    legs and feet.

    Gentle hugs, Pansy