Do you have problems taking antidressant or just can`t ?

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  1. kerrymygirl

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    Goodmorning hopefully or maybe as usual bad morning!! I am unable to take any of antidepressant drugs, Noticed many here do take. Elavil makes me want to crawl the walls too antsy. Others make me flat line. My last try was horrific trying effexor, live alone and 1 pill,lowest dose took me 3 days to regroup, It was scary. Yet for others I know it helps. The last experience was it for me. I just try each day not to get depressed about all the pain fatigue lonlines and just plain loss of life. Work on the beauty out there even though I can not enjoy it the way I would like. Wondered if anyone else cannot take??? Hugss to all who have lost who you would love to be again!!!! Life is good lets get it back...
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    I took elavil and was in bed for two days....It more than knocked me out..VERY SCARY I gave my husband one to see how it would effect him...Knocked him on his arse for 24 hours..LOL
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    When hubby gets testy and you need a break, you know now what to slip in his drink,lol. Gee do not let him see this! Take Care!
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