Do you have reflexes?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by elliespad, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I have not had reflexes for many years. Not the inside of elbow, not the knees, not the ankles, nothing. Like dead wood. None of my doctors seem to know why. It was earlier thought to be related to my hypothyroidism. But, I take 5 grains (325 mg) of Naturethroid. I have been thyroidless since Nov. 07, and this reflex issue predates that. I have a LOT of trouble standing/walking, and getting up from a chair. This weakness affects all my muscles, not just legs.

    So, is there anyone else who has NO reflexes? And do you have an explanation for it?
  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Hmmm. Actually I'm the opposite. I have oversensitive reflexes. My Mom does not react to any reflex tests in her legs/ankles. She has very weak legs as well, trouble walking too, not much muscle. It's got to all be related.
    How is your spine - do you have any stenosis or disk problems?
  3. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Hi Janalynn, thanks for responding. I've got some moderate Degenerative Disk Disease. Have never had a doc suggest that might be related to my absent reflexes. Is that what your mothers' doctor attributes hers to? Does she have CFIDS?

    Anyone else have absent reflexes?

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