do you have strange or irrational fears?

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    There are a couple of things that make me nervous for no obvious reason. I was wondering if there are things that do this to you too?

    Starting in high school, I have felt afraid of sharp or pointy objects pointing in my direction. I remember it first with pencils I'd sharpen. If they were pointing at me, I had a feeling they might fly up and stick me. So I'd turn the points away from me, and I'd feel better.

    I still turn my brother's shaving razors face down when I come into the bathroom. Seeing a razor makes me think of getting cut, so I get uncomfortable with it.

    Also, the dark makes me nervous. It didn't bother me much as a child, but now feel a bit scared when I turn out the lights at night and am surrounded by black.

    Do you have any strange or irrational fears? How much do these affect your life?
    ((( ))) Shannon

    P.S. On a happier note, I have overcome my fear of spiders. Mom was afraid of them, and I think that's how I got to be afraid of them. Then I heard somewhere that they are territorial and if you see one in your room, it's probably the only one there - and you should be glad that it's out where you can see it and not sneaking into your hair or crawling down your throat at night.

    Later I found out that there can be a large ammount of spiders in a small ammount of space, but at the time, I began to respect spiders more and feel comfortable with them.
  2. 69mach1

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    or there is a fears there.....

    truly i hate snakes....and that dumb airplane movie grosses me out...

    i do not like to leave my house at night when i am alone at all...even if i run out of ciggerretts...i'd rather wait till the sun comes up...

    i have had too many freaky men try to rape me off the road, follow me...had a stalker for about a 1 year...the neighbors that he was f.b.i...

    two men tried to run off w/me on a private dirt road on a lake in michigan...i screamed and a neighbor heard...i was seventee n years then....

  3. Mikie

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    I am fearful of, and repulsed by, them. Seeing one, or seeing a picture or figurine of one, will stop me dead in my tracks and I want to get away--fast. My kids think this is hysterical and never miss an opportunity to point out any clowns they see.

    I have since found out that there are many who feel as I do.

    Shannon, in Feng Shui, it is considered unlucky, and maybe even dangerous, to have a sharp corner pointing at you.

    Love, Mikie
  4. 1sweetie

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    I have anxiety if I also am not with a safe person or what I feel to be a safe place or if I feel like I am not around "safe" people.

    Thank you for putting that into words for me. Those fears began when I was mugged in daylight at a mall and a few years later I was held hostage at my place of employment (bank) during a bank robbery.

    I found there are certain people and places that bring back those memories and anxiety. Also because of those incidences, I have anxiety when someone is in costume, no matter how innocent the situation probably is to others. After the bank robbery (which happened the day after Thanksgiving), I freaked when someone came in a few weeks later dressed in a Santa costume or at Halloween if I could not see their face. Of course, this is illegal in a bank anyway but I never found the humor in it after their identity was known.

    Since I developed major cognitive issues, I need a safe person that understands that I am not like I use to be and I need help understanding and doing things. I am now very anxious in new situations because of this.

  5. katykat24

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    good topic! lol

    i'm majorly claustrophobic - hate crowded areas, malls, etc...

    i was gonna be an astronaut, but then, i realised my fear of falling from a height and also emptiness all around me - bot h are too great for me to be that! lol had to rethink my career choice lol

    also, i'm afraid of whales. not sharks, not lions, but whales.
  6. barbinindiana

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    Early on with CFS, I became very afraid to go down stairs. All my life I've never been afraid of stairs, but as I started getting alot of CFS symptoms this was one of them.

    Where I worked I had to go up two fights of stairs to get to the restroom. Going up was no problem, but when I'd get to the top of the stairs to go back down, I'd panic. It was awful. I finally decided that I couldn't stop at the top before going down. I'd force my myself to just keep going when I reached the stairs for fear that I wouldn't be able to go down if I stopped first.

    Now after all these years with the illness, I don't have that fear anymore.

  7. jake123

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    I hate caves. I guess its good that I'm not a Neanderthal. I hate tight spaces, I'm really claustrophobic. I don't like anyone holding onto me except my husband or my kids. I don't like being scared (like someone jumping out saying Boo, I will yell at them).
    I don't like the dark either. If my husband is gone, I leave at least two lights on.