Do you have suggestions for living with Asthma?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lgp, Dec 12, 2010.

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    I was recently diagnosed with asthma. After several months of breathing difficulties, I had a full physical and then saw the pulmonologist, who diagnosed the asthma. He is not entirely sure if it is perimenopuase asthma, or undiagnosed asthma that I have had for some time that has now exaserbated during this perimenopause phase. Some of it is exercise inducesd, so I had to modify my exercise regimen and use Albuterol if an exercise induced attack comes on. I am also using Symicort on a daily basis, and it seems to be helping with a few mild side effects that I will discuss with him on my next visit on 12/23.

    The reason why I am going back next week is, that in the middle of all this, I got bronchitis, which has complicated the whole asthma scenario because I was placed on antibiotic (z-pak) for 5 days, and a six day course of prednisone. I have had no side effects from either, and do feel better than last week; not 100%, but alot better.

    So my questions are, how do I go forward and cope with all of this? I am totally confused now about supplements, lifestyle, just many things that have to do with this disease. There are many articles on the internet and books available, but I would really like to chat with someone who has struggled with this on a daily basis.

    Thank you--

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    Both my son and I just got diagnosed w/in the last couple of weeks w/asthma caused by the mold in our house. I actually called my ex-bil who is a resp therapist last week to talk about it b/c I was so emotional at the hospital (we have a world renowned respritory hosp. where I live) b/c of my son and his early history w/lung issues that he fought very hard to overcome. Anyhow, asthma is reversible if treated properly. It is not the same as when I was a kid (don't know your age) when the kids with asthma where all sickly and constantly sucking on inhalers. Albuteral only treats the symptoms of asthma and will do nothing but keep you in the cycle. He said it is good to have an albuteral inhaler on hand, or even a nebulizer and liquid albuteral b/c that is the first thing that the ER is going to do if there is an emergency so it is good to have it just in case.

    I can't find the list of meds he told me to ask the dr about that help treat the causes of asthma or else I would list the here. One thing I do remember is that he said that most of the meds are the same, so you should check w/your insurance or your pharmacy if self pay on prices b/c your dr might be pushing a certain brand and you can ask for another one that will work just as well but cost less. I'm kicking myself for not being able to find my notes! erg!

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