do you have symptoms that come and go ?

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    first and foremost thanks for your response..
    i have autoammiune disease(as do you) uncertain which(about 75-100 autoammiune diseases)
    do you get symptoms that come and go i.e.
    - my teeth have been getting numb the past week
    -yesterday my hips and feet were killing me
    in the past few months i get these symptoms that might last a week and disappear i.e.
    =my knees were aching
    =my right arm was killing me
    =sharp pain in my left knee
    these all came and left within a week ? go figure
    anyone else have this ??????????GOD BLESS FOY
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    All the time! Hi I have fibromyalgia and my pains come and go intermittently. My knees alway hurt, my lower back pain is terrible is I do any bending at all. My shoulders and arms hurt occasionally. When my arms and shoulders hurt I usually have pain in my shoulder blades and my hands may go numb. I also have hip pain if I try to sleep in my bed.

    My shoulders hurt so bad for two weeks that I literally had to use one arm to lift the other to avoid the pain of moving my arm. It lasted two weeks and then...poof it was better.

    I hope this helps and you will have others that will please don't ever feel alone. You are posting in a good place.

    I wish you well,
    Blessed Be,
  3. TKE

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    Same here. I've had them change by the hour!!

  4. b~kay~b

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    the pain changes usual sharp pain might turn to aches and the other spots are sharp then the numb areas start to tingle then the tingling spots want to twitch so hard you can actually watch it. somedays you can take a full shower others well no, cant wash my hair cause i cant hold up my arms cant even hold the cordeless phone without propping it up on the arm of the chair. cant feel toes but i know they are there because this spasm in the foot will deform my toes even though i cant make them move when i want to. my right eyelid and lower lip have been numb for about 4 months now. the tip of my nose numb for about 9 months my neck is as hard as my skull and burns and i cant have alot of hugs from my boys because my skin burns i have to brace myself for one. i hate that the most all the hugs and playing with my boys and hanging out with them like going out to eat and movies. thats the worst for me. so foy boy you are not alone this disease does its own thing. we're just along for the ride.
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