Do YOU have this SYMPTOM also?

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    Just wondering if this may be yet another symptom of FMS, my only Dx of just a few months ago. I have all the typical symptoms, including headaches and migraines, TMJ-type pain, Sleep Disorder, Cognitive Deficits, etc.

    I noticed that the entire area of my palms are both BRIGHT RED and so are the entire soles of both feet....something new anyway.

    Also, the past few days I have noticed some numbness in hands and feet and today through my legs at times. I have also had an increase in what feels like electric shock through my body and legs, like muscle spasms maybe.

    PLEASE continue reading, I could really use an ear to listen.

    ??? I keep reading that I should lead a quiet, stress-free life. Hmmm...I am a full-time doctoral student (2nd year) and a mother of two, ages 8 and 5, and I work in an intense field for the degree program, in addition to working for (some) $$.

    In the last year or so, I have made significant efforts to bring back into my life the passions I used to enjoy. For example, school (clinical psychology) and bowling (had to quit entirely b/c of FMS and was filling out pro-membership applications, seriously :)

    Also, met my soulmate and chose to live a fuller, more spiritual and authentic life, and then I get SLAMMED by this disease and have to give up passions right and left, reconsider career visions, and then the love of my life gets scared and needs time to adjust to the quieter future that we were envisioning together - - in addition to that, he and I met bowling and it has laid the foundation of our entire relationship and now I can no longer participate b/c of the whole being 'wracked' with pain thing we all know too well.

    Some days, the losses are too great to hold.

    *sigh* thanks, people for listening. I have only three people in my life: my soulmate, my two children.

    I appreciate any kind words and/or information.

    Thanks, Anchor
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    I'm sorry that you too are having to go through the changes that FMS brings. But it is necessary to make adjustments so that you can Keep on having a life.
    I too have Red Hands, just the Palms really, some times it's worse than others. Do you get itching sometimes too.?
    I take Vistril for the Itching, really helps. When it's Cold they get Beet Red, if i hild anything for more than a few min's they get Beet red, I can wake up with them red, I must place them in an awkard position when I sleep.
    I also have Neuropathy, which cause's me to have a lot of Electrical shocks here and there through out my body.
    So some of it's Nerve damage and some of it's FMS.

    If you can read some of the back Post's here it might help you some, and also there's a lot of support and information here.

    Knowledge is how I cope with this Syndrome, it's what lead me to this board 3 years ago, and i hav inproved Greatly since finding out what FMS is and how to treat it.

    You'll find lots of understanding folks here, new Friends who know what you are going through.

    Besides this site, I have a book by Dr. Devin Starlanyl, it's got a long title, but it's "A Survival Manual., she has a few, and anyone of them can help you to understand these Syndromes in easy Term's.
    She also has a great web site with prinable information to keep on hand. We can't give out URL's, but if you type her name into your search engine, I use google, you'll find links to her site.

    This site also has a Great Library with information that's helped me a lot. Hopefully you'll find it helpful too.
    It's off to bed for me now so;
    Good Luck and God Bless you
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    Don't mean to preach, but just wanted to encourage you not to give up your spiritual life that you mentioned. I too, have not led a life to the fullest since my fatigue hit, but I have not let go of God. It doesn't take much effort to pray, or read the Word. He is always there for us. There are so many versus in the Bible about comfort, peace, encouragement, health,healing, what to do for anxiety and problems, etc, that brings me PEACE AND JOY even though we have tough times. There are many websites that can help locate scripture, too. Hope this helps. Keep positive and tell yourself that things will get better. If you don't believe it, it will never happen. Have a blessed day!!!!!!
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    Welcome to our board. Yes, our illnesses, and other chronic illnesses, remove from our lives things which we do not want to give up. If you have studied psychology, you know that what we go through is the grieving process at what we have lost due to our illnesses. I highly recommend grief therapy to anyone who has our illnesses and their families. In fact, I have noticed that it is the families which often get stuck in the denial stage.

    Love, Mikie
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    You sound like a delightful person and a wonderful mother! Keep your head up and know we are all here to support you!
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    I sure can relate to what your saying. My husband just called and he has just signed up with a personal trainer at the gym. I just cried. I had thyroid cancer a month ago and had to have it removed. I have always been slim now I am putting on weight inspite of thyroid meds. I cant exercise because of the sever fibro pain. I cant even go out for a walk because its so cold my muscles spasm and the snow is so deep and the walk ways so icy I am so afraid of falling. I would give anything to just be able to go to the gym . He went for a fitness test and they said he was great and now he will be in good shape, full of energy and I will be this crippled old 47 year old who needs a cane to get up the stairs. My life slipped away 3 years ago with fibro. Then 1 year ago I was in a car accident and was not able to return to my job of 26 years. Had to fight for my disability which I did get thank God. Everyone thinks I am so lucky so be sitting at home collecting over $2100 a month . Yeah right. I am a shell of who I was. No money in the world can take the place of what I have lost. Yes, I hear I pain and I live , every day.
    your friend
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    I have the red hands and feet, and some numbness and tingling in the hands. I get the electric shocks to. Was told yesterday that I had beginning raynauds syndrome, a circulation problem. Life dose get pretty overwelming for us, having to deal with so much stuff. Hang in there, your so lucky to have found your soulmate, nothing better then that connection. Hugs, Deb
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    HI again. Wow, I didn't expect such a nice welcoming, but I am very appreciative.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement and kind words.

    Somehow, I do find the energy to count my blessings, and particularly having found my one and only soulmate . . . he is my Sailor and I his Anchor.

    ~Thanks again~

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    Hi Anchor;
    How well I know the feeling of having to give up so much. am glad to know you soul mate is still with you, for so many of us lose that also. I don't have the red palms and feet, but the numbness and tingle;s I do have all the time. Hang in there. I am new to the board,and'I hate to say it", but I am glad I not all alone with this stuff. I also have Sjorgren's Syndrone which is what I started out with! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUIR FAMILY GG60