Do you have to have Tons of tender points to have FMS

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    I am convinced I have CFIDS. My doc is too but I am still in diagnosis for it. See a Rheumy next week. I wonder about FMS because of this chest pain thingy. I don't know what it is. It flares up around chemicals too when I breath, that is why I cant smoke anymore, it was really aggitating it. But it also hurts when I move, press it, swallow and breath very strange. Cat scan shows nothing. I have a few tender spots in my back and one on my legg but I don't have the 11 out of 18 needed for FMS diagnosis. Does this creep up on you with CFIDS or could my chest problems and tender spots just be CFIDS. I am never in excrutiating pain, just irritating pain that is constant.
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    It sounds like you have costochondritis, which is a common symptom with Fibromyalgia.
    You can't know for sure if you have 11 tender points unless a qualified doc (usually a Rheumatologist) has done a tender point exam and checked the exact places on you. Let us know what happens when you see the Rheumy, and be sure to tell him/her about the chest pain!
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    That you can definitely have FMS without tender spots. I was sick for 10 years before mine showed up. The rheumies have to have some criteria by which they dx FMS, so they chose the 18 most common tender spots. A really good and experienced rheumy will not depend on this for a dx.

    Love, Mikie
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    you may have developed trigger points in your chest wall muscles due respiratory symptoms you had in response to the chemical sensitivities you mentioned. trigger points don't mean you have fm/cfids. it is a muscle response to muscular strain. (and is the most treatable).you didn't describe why your doc thought you had cfids. it will be interesting to see what the rheumy says
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